Manga My Hero Academia

Cinnamon Toast Crunched (My Hero Academia 190)

How to be the Symbol of Peace? Use what you know and make it your own.

Somewhere…Moonfish is having a panic attack.

There was a time Endeavor would’ve never imitated All Might. No Plus Ultra, no arm raised pose, was never going to happen. But, here we are. Endeavor did just that. So, what does that mean? I think it means Endeavor is ready to be the Symbol of Peace even if it means swallowing his pride. He did just that when asking Toshinori for advice and trying to (somewhat) patch things up with Shouto. He’s changing and surprisingly, it’s by choice!

Does that excuse the shit he put his family through? No, not even close. And I hope at some point Endeavor out right apolgizes–in public–to his family or admits and apologizes if the truth gets out. I’m not saying the Todoroki family’s business needs to be put out there to get closure but that’s just one way to do it. The point is that Endeavor recognizes how horrible he’s been in the past and does everything, EVERYTHING, he can to make it for it. He may never succeed but he has to try.

Now, about those negligent child support payments…

It’s no secret I fall into the Dabi is Endeavor’s son camp. The hints are all there. Question is what’s Dabi gonna do? You can’t knock a person down if they don’t stand and right now Endeavor is at the peak of his career. Everyone believes in him. Everyone loves him. And Dabi just happens to show up? Okay, let’s remove Dabi killing Endeavor off the table. It’s too soon for the guy to die. So, again, what is Dabi going to do? Answer: What he’s always done, instill fear and panic. Dabi doesn’t have to kill Endeavor, he simply has to talk to the cameras. Dabi telling the public what Endeavor did to him and his family will hurt the number one and the country in one tea spilling blow. The man they cheered and love, their new number one hero, is an abusive asshole. That right there will hurt more than any fire attack.

And as an added bonus, Dabi can let it slip the League of Villains has more High End nomu baking somewhere, making everything Endeavor did seem pointless. Talk about a mic drop!

Will someone hug him already!

Yeah, Dabi’s gonna roast Endeavor, but a verbal roasting is all he needs to put the entire country on High (End) Alert. And if you think that’s scary, wait until the Todoroki family Christmas dinner. Awkward moments galore is coming.

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