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2D News: Hirokoshi Fell in Love with America’s Soul Food


Last week marked My Hero Academia series creator, Kohei Horikoshi’s first trip to San Diego Comic-Con. During the event, Horikoshi answered questions, signed pictures, and stuffed his creative hole with all the southern fried chicken, greens, and mac & cheese he could eat.

According to sources, an employee from Viz [My Hero Academia’s official English publisher] took Horikoshi and his entourage to Nicky’s Soul Food just outside San Diego during his first night in the United States.

“I’ve never seen a human eat like that,” an anonymous Viz worker said. “He took one bite of macaroni & cheese and never stopped.” The Viz worker also mentioned despite eating almost everything on the menu, Horikoshi took at least ten containers of peach cobbler and sweet potato pie to his hotel.

Things didn’t end there. Horikoshi visited the restaurant every day during his stay and even snuck forkfuls of chitlins, greens, and anything else he could muster while signing autographs. Many fans begun posting their chicken grease, cheese splattered posters on Twitter. An enjoyable experience by all did turn awkward when Horikoshi had to be dragged kicking and screaming on a plane back to Japan, fried chicken wings falling out every pocket on his body.

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