Manga My Hero Academia

Double Agent w/ Cheese (My Hero Academia 191)

Traitor!!! No, wait…actor!!!

Forgot the dab. Do the Dabi!

I overthought what Dabi would do. Instead of dropping drama bombs he just wanted to kill heroes. Oh, well. Could Dabi had taken down Mirko? Maybe, but he still had Hawks and who knows what else coming. Retreating was the smart play. But, the way Dabi escapes is most intriguing. The same teleportation quirk All For One had was used on Dabi. That can mean only one thing: The league only needs DNA to copy quirk powers. Which also means the league can cook up as many High End nomus as they want. Uh oh! So, who is Ujiko? My guess it’s the guy behind the nomu themselves, AFO’s doctor.

Manga Bugs Bunny in drag.

And now that the trial run is done, its time for the main event. Could that be the Tartarus breakout? Could be something else, but wherever the league strikes its gonna be crazy.

Now, about Double-O Hawks, I like it. I don’t love it, but I’m willing to see where it goes. Right now, the idea of an evil top hero working for the league sounds more interesting than a double agent. I was somewhat disappointed with the reveal, but again, let us see where it goes. Personally, I don’t think Hawks is getting through this farce unscathed. Shigaraki will figure it out. He’s smarter than most people give him credit for.

Watch your back, Hawks! You’re not out of the oven yet. And I can already smell those chicken wings cooking.

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