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2D News: Mario and Luigi Set to be DLC in Upcoming Smash Bros. Ultimate Video Game


In wake of the hit video game Dragon Ball Fighterz announcing Base Goku and Base Vegeta as soon to be released DLC, Nintendo has revealed the twin plumbers themselves will only be available as DLC for $5.99 each.
“Hey, I said everyone’s in the game. I didn’t say how,” Smash Bros. creator, Masahiro Sakurai, said while riding the teacups at Tokyo Disneyland. “But, don’t worry, Metal Mario and Mr. L [alternate versions of the famous video game brothers] will be playable for free at launch date.

When asked whether Waluigi will make his Smash Bros. debut as DLC, Sakurai threw up. The interviewer was unable to confirm whether it was due to Sakurai going on TDL rides all day or a burning hatred toward Waluigi.

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