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You Wano Team Up? (One Piece 912)

Luffy ain’t doing nothing with that sword except slicing the air and trying to imitate Zoro.

Roronoa Zoloft

Zoro smiled, everyone! Take a shot!
That’s right, the Straw Hat captain and first mate are back together and ready to ruin Kin’emon’s plan. You know the rules: Where Luffy goes, trouble follows. And where Luffy and Zoro goes, explosions follow. I’m guessing Kaido will discover the Straw Hats are on Wano within the next five chapters, whether or not Hawkings betrays him.

Woah there, Luffy! Patrick Stewart’s still alive!

We get a Spade Pirates flashback. Who are Ace’s crewmates? I want to learn more about them. Anyway, I love Ace’s old brother relationship with Otama. It’s sad he’s gone but Luffy saved her the burden of waiting for a dead guy. We’re formally introduced to the swordsmith, Hitetsu, and Luffy currently holds a powerful cursed sword. You know, I was going to talk about how Zoro will get at least one new sword this arc but let us not forget a certain afro samurai. Brook could very well get a new custom-made cane sword by the end of the arc from our new swordsmith friend. Maybe we’ll even get a short Brook flashback, like half a chapter long or so.

What else can I say? More set up for what’s to come. And I’m definitely enjoying the ride.

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