Manga One Piece

Holdem Deez Nuts (One Piece 915)

Welcome to Bakura Town! The Pasadena of Wano!

Chopper’s gonna beat the crap out of him

A plot inching chapter. Mostly getting characters where they need to be in order for big events to happen. Before that, Bellamy’s a master dyer now? That came out of nowhere. Not sure whether Oda will make it stick or not. Depends on whether we continue his cover story. Doesn’t matter, I can always see him helping out in the world war at the series’ end, even if it’s only a few panels of him defending his dyer friends from whoever.

Manga My Hero Academia

WTF Froppy? (My Hero Academia 195)

Come on, Tsuyu. You’re smarter than that!

Gold star to the person who originally named their pairing “All Night”

You telling me you didn’t consider Class B using their most dangerous teammate as bait? She was alone for goodness sake! Well, looks like Shinso pulled your butts out the fire, for now.

Yes, kiddies. As predicted, it’s Class A vs Class B in a 4 v 4 (5) battles. As per shounen rules, Shinso will save the day, securing Class A’s first win then, most likely, lose against Deku. But, it’s all about the journey so it should be fun.

Let’s talk about the other match-ups!

Manga My Hero Academia

Here Comes a New Challenger! (My Hero Academia 194)


At this exact moment, Tumblr fans exploded.

Wait. Wait. Wait! Let’s back it up.
Okay, so, Deku talked to Toshinori about his dream and hand explosion. Toshinori also has no idea what “singularity” the First mentioned means. Could One For All still be mutating? Or, is it just Deku’s genes because he may be related to the First (my crack theory). Either way, put a pin in it because I doubt I’ll come up again soon.

Manga One Piece

The Kid Got Napped (One Piece 914)

Can’t a couple of undercover pirates and starving citizens get a little piece around here?

Zoro’s smiling. Take a shot.

Guess not.                                                                                                                          Kaidou’s forces have their eyes on Otama and her ability to tame wild animals. Why? Who cares if she can do that? Unless there’s an animal some evil owner wants to be tamed. Doubtful anyone from Team Kaidou owns an out of control pet. That leaves a Wano government official. Maybe Shogun Orochi himself!

Manga My Hero Academia

Uncle All For One? (My Hero Academia 193)

Who are they?

For the last time Aang, these aren’t your previous reincarnations.

The first One For All user and All For One, just who the heck are they? Is this a Gol D. Roger thing where the author didn’t draw an important character’s face because it made them mysterious and cool? Or, is there more to it?

Most of us know by now Hirokoshi loves Star Wars, so some fans have made a parallel between AFO/Deku and Darth Vader/Luke theorizing AFO is Deku’s real father. I don’t agree, but something else may be going on. Like, maybe:

The OFA/AFO brothers are Deku’s ancestors.

Manga One Piece

Psychic Straw Friends Network (One Piece 913)

A 19% chance of success? Place your bets now, ladies & gentlemen.

Knew it was coming, but still funny.

Yeah, yeah, the 19% is just the usual fight build-up, but the month part has me intrigued. I take that as the Straw Hats leaving Wano in about a month in-world time. Now, Luffy’s fight with Cracker took three days, I think. And, his fight against Katakuri took several hours. What am I trying to say? Well, I think Luffy’s getting two big fights.

Manga My Hero Academia

Fire & Shade: A Todoroki Dinner (My Hero Academia 192)

First Shoto, now Endeavor. Eye healing surgery in MHA world is amazing!

I don’t think you need these many heroes protecting Dorothy on the yellow brick road.

What’s there to say that hasn’t already been said? Endeavor’s a hero, but he still sucks as a parent. Should the Todoroki siblings forgive him (Yes. No. Yes, but don’t tell him. Hmm…)? Should Rei forgive him (Yes, to that. Only because forgiveness allows her to move on. BUT, that doesn’t mean everything’s okay and she can’t get a divorce.)? Yeesh, human nature is quite the complex mishmash, huh? Who’s to say what’s correct? Do I see them all chumming by the end of the series? SHOULD they be like that by the end of the series? There’s no easy answer. Redemption is an ongoing process—if you’re able to even start it. There’re no set of instructions. Plus it depends on what the person did, for how long, why and many, many other factors. It’s a personal process for both the guilty and the victim.