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Psychic Straw Friends Network (One Piece 913)

A 19% chance of success? Place your bets now, ladies & gentlemen.

Knew it was coming, but still funny.

Yeah, yeah, the 19% is just the usual fight build-up, but the month part has me intrigued. I take that as the Straw Hats leaving Wano in about a month in-world time. Now, Luffy’s fight with Cracker took three days, I think. And, his fight against Katakuri took several hours. What am I trying to say? Well, I think Luffy’s getting two big fights.

It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight!

Let me be clear, I’m counting Kaido as one fight. I say this now because the trend with boss fights in One Piece now is Luffy going several rounds against them. This won’t be Luffy and Kaido meet once then fight and that’s it. Oh, no! Luffy’s getting his butt kicked (probably along with a couple allies), and once again (along with more allies, a Luffy/Law/Kidd team-up?), then pulling off the narrow win (one on one). Whether the rounds are hours or days apart remain to be seen, but I’ll give Luffy at least one week to recover before sailing from Wano. That leaves three weeks for him to get the job done.

So, who’s gonna be Luffy’s sub-boss/first big fight? One of Kaido’s calamities, of course. What? You thought I’d say Kidd or Apoo? Not the most surprising prediction,  I know, but that’s what I think.

I’d say…75% Robin, 24% Nami, and 1% Pink Diamond.

Hawkings’ attacks aren’t surprising either. That’s the vibe we got in Sabaody. But, we didn’t see him turn his body into a straw man this chapter. Guess he’s saving that. Speaking of saving, we met Otsuru and Clone Trooper Okiku. We knew it was coming, Y’all. I should be nice, she doesn’t look that clone-ish. I bet Oda gives us two more to make up for it.

Things are progressing. Kinda going through the motions waiting for all the Straw Hats and Kaido’s generals to show, but that’s how it goes in One Piece. Hm…maybe Oda will debut the other generals next chapters. I give it a 19% chance.

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