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Uncle All For One? (My Hero Academia 193)

Who are they?

For the last time Aang, these aren’t your previous reincarnations.

The first One For All user and All For One, just who the heck are they? Is this a Gol D. Roger thing where the author didn’t draw an important character’s face because it made them mysterious and cool? Or, is there more to it?

Most of us know by now Hirokoshi loves Star Wars, so some fans have made a parallel between AFO/Deku and Darth Vader/Luke theorizing AFO is Deku’s real father. I don’t agree, but something else may be going on. Like, maybe:

The OFA/AFO brothers are Deku’s ancestors.

Hear me out.

It plays with the Star Wars angle without being too on the nose. It gives a reason as to why AFO/OFA’s faces and NAMES aren’t revealed. And it could explain why Deku not only talked to The First, but received a possible power-up. Now, I will say none of that explains why we didn’t see the Second and Third user and this could all be the result of the One for All quirk itself gaining enough power over generations for something like that to happen. Guess we’ll see.

All For One’s bodyguard and podcast partner. Support them on patreon, or else.

Speaking of the power-up, that may not be what happened. I heard someone else theorize The First healed Deku’s hand(s). I love the hand healing theory because it resets Deku’s body back to zero, but now he has the knowledge and experience to use both his arms and legs without destroying them! It also opens Deku up to even more attacks, specifically, punch/kick combos. Really hope this will happen.

This chapter could also open up Deku talking to other past OFA users. Would love a conversation between him and Nana Shimura. Deku may even learn more about Shigaraki’s circumstances through Nana. Not the guy himself (I doubt she ever met him), but Deku could learn more through Nana’s parenting mistakes.

A power-up or gas, you decide

A good chapter. AFO is a master manipulator and I want to see more. What was Japan like with him ruling from the shadows? How exactly did The First transfer a power he didn’t know he could transfer? Doubt these questions will be answered next time but at least we’re closer to having them answered eventually.

And never forget: Always take a bath before bedtime or you’ll have past incarnation nightmares!

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