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WTF Froppy? (My Hero Academia 195)

Come on, Tsuyu. You’re smarter than that!

Gold star to the person who originally named their pairing “All Night”

You telling me you didn’t consider Class B using their most dangerous teammate as bait? She was alone for goodness sake! Well, looks like Shinso pulled your butts out the fire, for now.

Yes, kiddies. As predicted, it’s Class A vs Class B in a 4 v 4 (5) battles. As per shounen rules, Shinso will save the day, securing Class A’s first win then, most likely, lose against Deku. But, it’s all about the journey so it should be fun.

Let’s talk about the other match-ups!


Match 2: Momo as the leader is a safe bet this team will win, but Kendou’s no idiot either. I also notice we have our dark and light quirk users (Tokoyami and Aoyama) along with a no light user (Hagakure). Interesting. Some possible vision/light shenanigans will go down. And they’re fighting three people whose quirks we don’t know yet. This will be a fun match.


Match 3: Team Iida is our physical fight. We got speed, strength/limbs, and a martial artist with a tail up against Tetsutetsu and Class B’s Little Pony. Todoroki and Class B’s last two members are the wildcards. Can the two of them take down Todoroki? If so, they win. Unless Iida’s able to shut them down with his speed. A toughie but I don’t see Class A losing unless we one of Class B is that third recommendation student whose identity we don’t know. [Checks MHA Wiki.] Oh! So, Juzo is the recommended student. And he just happens to be in this match. It’s going down, Y’all!


Match 4: Hmm… Will Team Bakugou lose? Hard to imagine. We have Sero vs Glue Golom. Saito, who will probably get stomped, and we got Jiro, who’s a good long-range fighter. It all comes down to Bakugou. He gets taken down, Class A loses that match, period.


Match 5: Short answer: Team Deku wins. Longer answer: Monoma will make them work for that win. If he copies his team’s quriks (including Shinso), he’ll be a monster. This comes down to whether the rest of Class B’s quriks are viable against Team Deku. I just hope Uraraka doesn’t lose because Shinso changes his voice to sound like Deku. Just don’t, Hirokoshi.

In fact, this is a good arc to show off not only Class B, but how awesome the lesser focused Class A students are. Come on, Hirokoshi. Don’t screw this up. Please.

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