Manga One Piece

Holdem Deez Nuts (One Piece 915)

Welcome to Bakura Town! The Pasadena of Wano!

Chopper’s gonna beat the crap out of him

A plot inching chapter. Mostly getting characters where they need to be in order for big events to happen. Before that, Bellamy’s a master dyer now? That came out of nowhere. Not sure whether Oda will make it stick or not. Depends on whether we continue his cover story. Doesn’t matter, I can always see him helping out in the world war at the series’ end, even if it’s only a few panels of him defending his dyer friends from whoever.

Luffy is so hardcore in this arc. Love it!

We meet Holdem, who probably wants Otama to tame his lion face. How does a zoan generate a separate lion face? Artificial devil fruit or not, that’s wacky. In any case, Holdem doesn’t seem like much of a threat for our lion devil fruit debut. I guess Speed will be our loyal high-level opponent in Bakura Town.

This guy screams future ally/neutral character. All he needs is a good butt whopping to put him on the right track. Will he end up with Okiku? Maybe. Don’t care either way really. I do wonder how Oda will handle the class system. Specify, will the post-Kaidou regime get rid of it?

Typical Fortnite squad bros

Again, things a moving forward, but I want to get to the fights and characters I care about. Not usually about just the fights, but Wano isn’t exactly interesting. Overall, it may be the most boring country setting for a major arc since the Straw Hats entered the Grandline. Dressora and Totto Land certainly blows it out of the water. Water… I miss Jinbe. *sniff*

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