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How I’d Make Marvel Comics More Popular


The Marvel movie franchise is one of the biggest in the world. So, why aren’t more people reading their comics? Even turning half of Marvel’s moviegoers into comics fans would send Marvel Comics into the stratosphere. Well, I have two main reasons.

1. People look down on the comic book industry.

Movies, TV, Books, and Plays are some of the many ways to tell a story. But comics have never been fully accepted by the mainstream. Even now, the average person will hear about an iconic comic character vastly changing their status quo and freak out, even though: A.) They don’t read comics. And, B.) Things will be reset after a fixed time.

And, let’s not forget the people who think only superhero and kids theme stories become comics. Calling comics a media only for kids is like saying TV is only for kids because of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Even, manga readers have these assumptions! Yet, if someone insults manga, calling it hentai, they’ll lose their minds. So, what can Marvel do against all that bias?

Solution: Focus on improving the comic industry’s reputation.

Lay a foundation. Many people won’t read comics if they think it isn’t cool or only for kids. The world’s full of mindless sheep like that. Marvel has to go on a huge advertising attack protecting comic legitimacy. I’m talking about TV and internet commercials. Show an ad with someone dismissing comics and have a comics fan show them how much the industry is like TV or movies, full of different genres with something for everyone. That’s right everyone. Not just geeks, not just kids. Everyone. Show the average Marvel movie fan they can read more about their favorite heroes. Show a disinterested movie date reading a mystery or romance comic. Make comics the norm and the wallets will follow.

Oh, but I’m not done.
Okay, you put comics advertisements on YouTube, now, take the next step and get popular YouTubers talking about comics. How? Sponsor a video with them talking about an issue or volume provided to them for free. Do this for geek tubers, manga tubers, movie tubers, TV tubers, anyone who’s willing to do it. Not only do you have a chance to get them as fans, but some of their viewers may follow suit. Again, make the comics industry the norm and more people will give it a chance.

2. Comics are too expensive.

If you want to get more people into comics you have to make it as easy for them to take the plunge as possible. Keeping comics inexpensive (besides good stories) is one of the easiest ways. How?

Solution: Make digital comics cheaper.

There’s no excuse for digital comics being priced the same as physical copies. Lowering their price makes a possible quick impulse buy even more alluring. You can also create bundle discounts. For example, make a three issue purchase 30% off or make a five-issue purchase 40% off and so on. Give people incentives to buy more than one book.

Here’s another idea, have a discount month. Expand on the Free Comic Book Day marketing plan and have every book for one month 99 cents. For the most popular to the C-lister, all 99 cents What a great way to get someone on the fence to buy a copy!

I’m sure there’s more, maybe even better ways to promote Marvel comics, but the point is for Marvel, and the comic book industry as a whole, to get out there a make it happen. And it can happen. Television was once called the “idiot box” turning people into mindless idiots. Yeah, that’s partly true, but it’s not the whole story. The same is true for comics. Normalize the industry and it will never die.

By Redgeek

A geek talking about stuff he likes.

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