Posted by: Redgeek | October 10, 2018

Invisible IQ (My Hero Academia 201)

Hagekure, you idiot!


So, why didn’t you drop a couple flash bombs then hit her with a net first?

Your whole shtick is stealth. Stealth. Why in the bloody hell would you alert a target of your presence? And why was it taking so long to take Manga down? Are you telling me the invisible student whose quirk allows her to sneak up on people doesn’t have hand-to-hand combat skills? Seriously! You didn’t think to take a couple martial arts classes? No one ever suggested that? I can’t believe this. The one person who should know how to beat down a person doesn’t know how to fight. My jaw is on the floor. You know, where freaking Manga should’ve been in two seconds flat!

I’m not done yet. Aoyama, you were literally carried by your team. You got captured, twice before the end. You couldn’t hit Kuroiro with a beam sent through your arm? Come on, dude. That was a weak performance. Poor Momo and Tokoyami did their best but how do you expect them to win when it’s 2 vs 4? 


Nice. Now, throw it the trash along with Aoyama’s useless cape.

Momo deserves some criticism too. She needs a plan for dealing with close combatants. Throw a flash grenade. Pop out a smoke bomb. Whip out a taser. Do something other than use a shield. You’re smarter than that, and I hope Aizawa has some choice words to say to all of you.

And, to top it off, Kendo felt unsatisfied with her win. Really? You won fair and square, shut up. I feel that was put there to help calm the Class A fans and didn’t fit with Kendo’s character. She wanted to prove her mettle. She did and won. Case closed.


It’s just a friendly match. Calm down, you psycho shiitake.

Anyway, let’s look forward to the third match where Team Todoroki will lose. Calling it now (Or, did I already call it in previous reviews?). Class B fan favorite Tetsutetsu and the skull face kid who’s a recommended student are up next. Add to that, having Class B in the lead for a while helps build story tension. And, if you’re still not convinced, look at the Class B students making up the fourth match. Know their names? No? Thought so. They’re basically fodder. When Class B won this round you could cheer for Kendo, but those guys? A bunch of no names aren’t beating Bakugou. No way!

So look forward to Class A losing again. I know I am. I’m being truthful. I really want to see Class B take down Todoroki and Iida. That should be a great battle.


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