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Deku’s New Teachers [My Hero Academia]

Is there really anything fighting wise left for Toshinori to teach Deku?

Don’t leave them hanging, Deku

The kid already knows the basics and has copied almost every one of All Might’s attacks (Oklahoma Smash being the only move he hasn’t yet performed comes to mind). Face it, Toshinori has the knowledge and experience to continue mentoring Deku, even helping Deku improve his current abilities. But, when it comes to coming up with new fighting moves I think the former #1 is tapped out.

But, this is a battle shonen, right? Deku has to learn new moves, right? So, what will he do? Easy, get someone else to teach him. No, not Aizawa? And, not Gran Torino. I’m talking about seven teachers who’ve been with him since the day he ate All Might’s mighty hair: The previous One For All users.

The line for Avengers 4 starts here

Think about it, why else would Deku be able to communicate with them? Sure, the obvious answer is learning OFA’s history, but there has to be more. It’s not just about OFA’s past. It’s also about the future. Deku has done a great job taking All Might’s attacks for his own, the next logical step would be doing the same for each user. My guess is Deku will learn from Nana Shimura first and work his way down to the mysterious Third and Second users. Not sure what he’ll learn from the First other than AFO’s history but that’s more than enough.

Plus, it brings home this isn’t Deku’s power, it’s all of them together, all of them united to fight evil. Farfetched? Maybe. But, I think as long as Deku can Skype with his predecessors anything can happen.


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