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Punch-drunk Kaido [One Piece 922]

That outta sober him up.

Love how they instantly knew it had to be Luffy.

But, this is Kaido. Wouldn’t be surprised if he lost consciousness. Not from the punch, but from all that bourbon. There’s no reason for Kaido to stop attacking so Oda will have to put their real fight on hold somehow. Yep, Passed Out Kaido incoming. 

I like to think Kaido sounds just like Barney Gumble

Gosh, what else is there to say? Kaido is to alcohol like Big Mom is to sugar and Shanks is to marijuana. Oh, yeah. How did the group at Oden Castle survive? Kin’emon can cut fire but he took off running. My next best guess is Brook doing some icy defense move or… I don’t know. I really don’t know. Maybe they’re all dead. Talk about a bold development!

So what? I fire Heat Breath every time I eat garlic bread sticks.

Guess that’s it. Not much else happened. No Nami upskirts. No mystery character in the shadows. No Zoro update.  Just a drunk Kaido being drunk. Well, at least he wasn’t driving.


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