Manga My Hero Academia

Tetsutetsu, Hottest Guy in Class B [My Hero Academia 204]

And, Todoroki’s the coolest in Class A. Get it? No? I’ll explain later.

Never tell the enemy about your power. Don’t you watch Jojo?

We learn how Iida developed Recipro Turbo, by self-mutilation. And training. Can’t forget the training. But, mostly by ripping out body parts. Thanks, Grandpa Iida!

Mudman does the smart thing and escapes to back up tetsutetsu while Iida does the same for Ojiro. That’s one Class B student down, three to go. Maybe Ojiro can pull himself together and help take down Mudman. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Woo! But, seriously, I hope he does something useful.

Your final chance at relevancy dissolving in your stomach.

Tetsutetsu can now withstand more extreme temperatures thanks to his training, nice. A great way to distinguish himself from Kirishima. You know, I like where this is going, having Tetsutetsu be the elemental tank and Kirishima the physical tank. Good move, Hirokoshi!

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Looks like next chapter is when Todoroki’s fire move debuts. Too bad, for Tetsutetsu AND Todoroki. Mudman will probably see it and figure out a counterattack. Yep, McMuddy will soon have everything he needs to take down Class A.

Unless Ojiro saves the day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

It’s all on you, Shoji.

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