Manga One Piece

Back Behind Bars [One Piece 924]

Buggy, Crocodile, Impel Down, Big Mom. Luffy’s been locked up more times than Martin Sheen.

One Piece fans learning the manga won’t be in next week’s Shonen Jump.

Remember when Kaido got so angry we thought he’d kill Luffy and Law on sight? Amazing what a little time and a lot of alcohol can do. Luffy whips out some King’s haki and all of a sudden Kaido wants him on his team. I have a feeling everyone strong working from Kaido got their ass kicked by him. That’s his equivalent of a job interview.

We have the answer to what happened to everyone at Oden Castle: Shino’s ripe-ripe fruit. She rotted the ground. Sure, why not? Hawkings and Law had a scuffle, yet somehow Law got away. Hmm… Somone’s playing the long game. And, that someone is made of straw and doesn’t live in Oz.

Guns that fire seastone nails. As opposed to, you know, bullets.

Poor Franky, Usopp, and Robin. They’re working hard, trying to make the plan work and Luffy almost screws it up. Well, nothing they can do for now. Seriously, they have to stick with the plan and let Law figure it out. He’s the only guy able to sneak in a save the rubber idiot. And, save Kidd. AND, save one of Oden’s samurai who we saw locked up too. 

Kaido’s the reason there’s a liquor store on every corner.

So, that’s Wano Act One, everyone. We know the good guys’ plan, most of the major characters, and have a timetable. How many parts will Wano get? 3? 4? 5? Who knows, but this story arc won’t be ending anything soon.

Oh, and that lady playing the musical instrument is Tama’s mother. Calling it now.

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