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It’s All Up to Ojiro? [My Hero Academia 205]

Meaning, Class A is screwed.

Yes, we get it. They’re hot. You don’t have to rub it in.

Todoroki didn’t have a specific heat attack, he simply increased his fire output to dangerous levels. Not what I expected, but still cool, ha. It’s also a stepping stone for Todoroki to began copying Endeavor’s actual fire attacks.

Ojiro did something, Y’all! He helped takedown Pony with Shoji. But, Mudman ruined their day. I’m assuming Ojiro and Shoji are trapped in the now hardened ground, leaving Pony to, I don’t know, win the game?

Let’s review.

Congratulations, Ojiro! You did something. Have a cookie.

Mudman and Tetsutetsu are knocked out. Iida and Todoroki are knocked out. Sen is jailed. Ojiro and Shoji are presumingly trapped in the ground. And, Pony is up and about. That means the current match score is 1-0 in Team Iida’s favor. But, again, Pony is awake and so are Ojiro and Shoji. So, all Pony has to do is use her horns to deliver Todoroki and Iida to Class B’s jail and they win.

I have no idea what’s happening here. Harlem shake, maybe?

Question is: Can she take down Ojiro and Shoji or avoid them long enough to do it? My answer: Yes. If she works fast enough, it can be done. She could even take down Shoji and Ojiro. The only reason they beat Pony before was because Ojiro surprised her. She knows what’s up now; she can pull off a win.

Whatever happens, it’ll be a close battle until the end. And if my boy Ojiro wins the day I’ll eat my computer mouse. And, if he doesn’t, I’m canceling Xmas.

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