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Sponsored By Snickers [My Hero Academia 206]

A draw.

I hope she’s a lizard version of Spider-man.

And, with that my predictions are thrown out the window. But, let’s backtrack. Iida woke up but couldn’t move, leaving Pony, Shoji, and Ojiro to duke it out for the win. Naturally, Ojiro gets thrown in jail evening the score to one apiece. Now, I’ll give Tailman credit for freeing Shoji, but the jail thing balances his performance to zero. Sorry, Ojiro.

Well, at least… Um, you’re… I got nothing. You’re no longer invited to my birthday party.

Pony does the smart thing and waits out the clock, forcing a draw, but couldn’t she just use two horns to move Todoroki and two for herself? Wouldn’t she still be faster or is Shoji too fast? I don’t know. Seemed like Pony was trying to do too much, I’m a bit confused on that part.

And what a party it was. See you next year, fellas.

What I’m not confused on is Iida and Todoroki criticizing their actions post-match. They resolve to try harder, and we get the standard I feel like I lost BS. You know, classic battle shounen talk. Now, its time for the fourth match: Team Explosion VS Team Lizard. I’m excited, it’s Bakugou VS a recommended Class B student. Woowee! This is gonna be explosive. Screw the snickers. Where’s my popcorn?

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