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I Have a Plan… Attack! [My Hero Academia 207]

Here we go again.

Love the way Hirokoshi drew Bakugo’s eyes immediately reacting to Tokage. Nice touch.

Class B dominates the tactics, while Class A plays catch up. Been there, done that. But, hey, it’s Bakugo. The kid is fun to watch at least, win or lose. Aizawa acknowledges he’s been skipping Teamwork 101 in favor of Power Up 202. To be fair, Aizawa’s methods will wield higher results further down the line, but the ideal method is a little of both teachings.

Win to Save. Save to Win. Step on to Protect. Protect to Step on.

Not much else to say. Tokage distracted Jiro so her teammates could hone in without notice and Bakugo saved their butts. I hope Jiro does something, but Bakugo will probably carry the team. Too bad. This is a great opportunity to showcase Sero, Saito, and Jiro. Won’t happen, but I can dream. I’ve given up on Hirokoshi giving the C and D cast important screen time this arc. They’re filling the usual background roles. *sigh*. Oh, well, at least I got Papa Vlad’s smack talk.

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