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Class B’eatdown [My Hero Academia 208]

Bakugo won both Japan and America’s popularity polls. Jerks must be in this season.

The most adorable thing with horns not counting my old BMX bike.

Team Bakugo won.

And, all through the power of friendship. …Or, teamwork, if you wanna be accurate. Tokage didn’t know Bakugo is more of a team player now, so her plans to capitalize on McSplode’s lone wolf tactics failed, big time. Class A worked together and took down every Class B member for a total 4-0 steamroll. Good job, Class A.

It’s like Minecraft but totally different

No point in me complaining about Saito or the others not getting enough screen time. By now, I realize Hirokoshi didn’t make this arc for the lesser focused characters. He wanted a tournament arc to show off certain characters already liked by many fans. Too bad. Hirokoshi should have more faith in his less popular characters, and work to make them more popular. The worse part is this was probably many c-list characters’ last chance at doing something really exciting and cool. A real shame.

Aaaaand, she’s blind. Thanks, Bakugo. Jerk.

Next up is the last fight. Team Monoma VS Team Deku. I can’t wait for Uraraka and Mina to finally kick butt and… oh… right…. Well, I can’t wait for Deku to get his predicable power-up and win his fight. Yay?

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