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Kid ‘n Work [One Piece 926]

Oda gets points for quickly showing how powerful Kid is by having him keep up with Luffy. Short and sweet.

No one muscles in on Gordon Ramsey’s territory and gets away with it.

Luffy and Kid are almost running the joint now. Time for the Warden, whoever he or she is, to make their debut. Vice Warden Dobon’s design is amazing. Oda’s having fun with the smile fruit designs. Also, I like Luffy and Kid’s rivalry. In a way, you can call Kid an Alternate Luffy, as in what would happen if Luffy was crueler and you’d get someone like Kid. A bit different than Blackbeard, the Anti-Luffy. If Kid is Luffy but meaner, Blackbeard is Luffy flipped. Still a pirate, but plays the long game and is already strong.

Kid’s using one arm. I’d say he’s stronger. You’re welcome Death Battle.

While Luffy’s getting his strength back, the other Strawhats are following the plan (minus Sanji whose following his junk). Usopp and the Heart Pirates are really doing their part, giving Kozuki allies the message and possibly weapons. Good job team. Nami’s awesome too, spying on Kaido’s allies. Now, that Nami knows where Kaido’s weapons will be, Team Luffy can steal then give them to the Kozuki allies.

Caribou’s in prison with Luffy. Moving on.

Best New Character 2018

Ushimitsu Rozo is most likely the last of the Big 3 samurai who worked under Oden. Not sure what’s gonna happen with Hitokiri Kamazo. Maybe Ushimitsu or Zoro will fight him.

A good chapter overall. Not as awesome as the last chapter but that was a beast onto itself. Will we see Raizo next chapter? Or, will Boruto save Luffy instead. Tune in next time and find out!

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