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Hancock 2.0 [One Piece 927]

Komurasaki’s gonna look like Nami in a komono. Calling it now.

Crazy Old Man Terrorizes Jellystone Park. More at 11.

See? That’s why Oda didn’t have Nami wear one. I know how you think, Oda-san. Can’t fool me!

So, Sanji’s soba shop is a hit among women. Shocker, I know. Nice to see him interacting with Usopp, Franky, and Robin again. Well, the party’s over, we got to introduce the Kyoshiro Family, gangsters in league with Kaido. I don’t see Kyoshiro himself as a threat fighting wise. I wonder what his ultimate role in the story will be.

Anyway, the gangsters step up and Sanji and Franky knock ’em back down. We meet a new little girl in the process, Toko. Ugh! Another kid in this arc. That’s, like, three already! Well, the kid’s funny, so that’s a plus.

A short comedienne? Somewhere, Kevin Hart is trembling.

More setup, Y’all. The Jade Kush of Wano is on her way to meet Shogun Orochi and our awesome Robin is coming along. I sense an info dump coming. Oh, yeah. And, we basically end the chapter with a teaser trailer of Orochi. Like many have predicted, the Shogun most likely has a mythical devil fruit: a hydra. Makes sense Kaido would be buddies with a guy who ate a dragon devil fruit.

Guess Oda’s adding beastiality to his skill set.

So, yeah, a setup chapter, but we got a good amount of info. And, very Japanese. A very Japanese chapter. So much so… I… I…

I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!

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