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Venom? [My Hero Academia 211]

Can someone please put Hirokoshi on Oda’s auto-break schedule? The guy needs a nap.

Monoma keeping it real. There’s a complicated human under all that insecurity. He just may be my most reliable character in the series. …I need a hug.

He’s been chucking out short chapters for a while now. Poor guy. I hope he’s enjoying a relaxing Christmas eating buckets of KFC in his underwear. You deserve it Hirokoshi-sensei.

On to the chapter. We get a brief moment between Monoma and Shinso about having to play the villain in order to use their quirks effectively. Not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes lower the toilet seat after use either, I guess.


All For One is going out of control, black tentacles are attacking everyone in sight. Interesting enough, we see the eyes of a previous All For One user. I think it’s Shimura’s teacher, the man with the goggles. Could that be a clue the tentacles were his original quirk? It’s not like the previous users were evil (at least going by what we know), so whatever’s happening isn’t meant to be malicious. This could all be growing pains.

Kids these days just don’t appreciate rampant tentacles.

Deku’s got a grasp on the strength building side, and now, he’s got to start mastering previous user quirks. But, why now? Why is Deku the one? Maybe the One For All quirk simply couldn’t pass previous quirks until now. Think about it, One For All is all about building power. You can’t drive to work without enough gas. One For All may have always been able to pass more than physical strength but didn’t have the power to do so until now. And, why pass previous quirks when One For All itself needed to be strong, right? But, that’s not the case anymore. We know for a fact One For All is strong enough because we saw it achieve its primary goal: defeating All For One.

Save the day, Uravity!

Yep. All Might did what all the previous user couldn’t. He defeated the big bad proving the quirk has the physical power, now its time to refine itself. To bring out its full potential, and Deku will be the one to do it. There’s still evil in the world. The world still needs a symbol of peace. The One For All quirk is now tasked helping its current holder in accomplishing his goal: becoming the greatest hero in the world.

This is what it decided to do to make sure Deku reaches that goal.

And, all Deku, the boy without a quirk, has to do is master a quirk granting him multiple quirks. Easy. Well, maybe he’ll need a little help along the way. Uraraka, my neglect hero, time to step up and help your friend.



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