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Now Watch Me Whip (Nae Nae Sold Separately) [My Hero Academia 214]

Nah uh! Don’t even try it, Deku.


No, I’m not talking about Deku activating Blackwhip. That’s fine. What I DO have a problem with is our main character mastering the damn move on the second try. Come on!

No. No. Wait. I’m jumping the gun here. I’m sure that was only your standard manga cliff hanger. Next chapter, we’ll see how Deku fairs against Shinso, whip to whip. I mean, there’s no way Deku’s willing that fight. We were reminded how hard Shinso practiced Aizawa’s techniques. To have Deku mosey along and outclass him would be a slap in the face. So, I’m officially calling I Don’t Think So on Midoriya (and Class A) getting the win.

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Jurassic Punked [One Piece 930]

Like Kaido, I hate it when people show up to my home unannounced. I mean I would if I had friends.

Usually takes a pound of cocaine to get me that happy.

Kaido’s actually freaking out, Y’all! True to her word, Big Mom is coming to Wano, and she’s bringing her sharpest high heels to ram up Luffy’s butt. Kaido be damned, Strawhat’s not getting away. Well, Kaido wants none of that. No one rampages around Wano but him and his crew. Plus, he might be Big Mom’s first baby daddy and who wants to deal with that drama?

None of that matters because King flies in and sends Big Mom’s ship (and the Yonko herself) into the sea. Ouch! I’m sure that’s the end of Big Mom. We’ll definitely never ever see Big Mom again. …Yep. By the way, I didn’t see Katakuri on the ship. Is he there or holding things down Totto Land?

Did I mention King’s a freaking pteranodon?! A pteranodon that shoots fire? Holy crap, that’s awesome. Flying devil fruits are always cool, but throw in it being a dinosaur and that’s an auto-win. So, is Queen a dinosaur too? Seems like most of Kaido’s strongest guys have ancient animal devil fruits. My guess is Queen is a dinosaur too. Probably an ankylosaurus or something like it.

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Ménage à Quirk [My Hero Academia 213]

It makes sense. One For All=Quirk that passes quirks+Stockpiling quirk.

Deku’s got “webbing”. Next quirk is “Sticky Feet”, then “Hero Sense”.

The previous users simply assumed that meant only strength. Wrong! Turns out One For All passes the previous users will and quirks too. Do I have a problem with that? No. I don’t.

Okay, I get it. Some of you out there don’t like where this is going. Deku’s already powerful enough, right? He’s gonna be this one-man wrecking crew just like Naruto or Ichigo from Bleach, right? While I agree those things happening would suck, I don’t think Horikoshi’s going down that road (at least, I hope he isn’t). Here’s why.

I believe at its core One For All is about raising a person’s physical abilities. Deku’s physical strength will always be at the forefront, with his tactics a close second. The extra quirks will be to Deku what the utility belt is to Batman. The belt helps Batman in his crusade against evil but he’s never overshadowed by it. It allows Batman to do his job better. Does he need it? No. But, he’d be way less effective without it. That’s what I think Deku’s other quirks will do. We even get a hint in this very chapter. Blackwhip came out when Deku wanted to capture Monoma. Sure, if it gets out of control, Blackwhip is monstrous, but that’s not its primary function. It’s basically a lasso. A lasso Deku can use to capture criminals. A tool in his fight against evil. Just like his shoes. Just like his air gloves.  Deku’s not overpowered, he’s gaining new ways to do his job.

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Death Star Plans [One Piece 929]

Wowsers! Could Shogun Orochi look any more scummy? All that’s missing are devil horns.

Look out, Sanji! Here come reinforcements.

Orochi, X Drake, Page One. Talk about a dragon fruit fest, Kaido knows what he wants. I’m half expecting to see Godzilla pop up for a quick cameo. Staying with Orochi for a moment, he and CP0 are in talks for more seastone weapons. It is seastone weapons, right? Why else would the World Government bother with Wano? Now, I know the WG makes battleship bottoms lined with the stuff but could Oda be foreshadowing something else? Perhaps a nasty new weapon or weapons with seastone as a main component? Something to replace the Warlords? Seastone robots may be on the menu soon.

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Introducing Boa Hancock the Pirate Empress [One Piece 928]

I swear Oda, if you turn Komurasaki into a marriage-hungry woman after her character’s redeemed I’ll mail you ten copies of The Vagina Monologues or at least Madtv’s version of it.

Gia Gunn
Lookin’ good, Komurasaki. Tell Farrah Moan I said hi.

Gold digger alert! But, before that let’s check in with Luffy. You know, I never thought about it before but Luffy’s kindness must stem from Garp’s teachings. Anyway, Old Man Hyo gets an Oda Box so we may see him in the inevitable Wano flashback. Raizo gives Luffy a status update on his progress. The seastone cuff keys are guarded AND kept in a seastone box. Good on you Team Kaido for actually keeping something so valuable safe. Not sure if Raizo has a devil fruit but something tells me he’ll need help pulling this heist off. Zoro incoming?

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Uraraka Reboot? [My Hero Academia 212]

Me thinks this and last chapter were supposed to be one full chapter, ye fellow readers.

Uraraka couldn’t find a mic, so she dropped the hat instead.

What’s there to say? Not much happened.

We get a Uraraka flashback that explains why she wants to become a hero. But, it was already established she did so to financially support her parents. Did Horikoshi screw up? Maybe. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, people can and do have more than one reason why they do things. But, that being said, the flashback would’ve been less rebooty if he mentioned her wanting the money too. Perhaps say she needed a high paying job and picked being a hero because it makes people happy. Bam! Less confusing. Then again, I think something’s up with Hori. The guy is either bone tired from working on a side project like the next MHA movie or something similar.

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Meet the Geek: Kohei Horikoshi [Why Are My Hero Academia Chapters Shorter?]


Welcome. Redgeek, here. It’s time we learned the truth. Kohei Horikoshi has been turning out shorter chapters for months and I want answers! I had a chance to sit down with Horikoshi-sensei at his office for another exclusive interview.


RG: Been awhile, Horikoshi. *stares*

Horikoshi: W-what are you doing?

RG: Checking for signs of exhaustion. Have you been sleeping okay?

Horikoshi: Oh, yeah, yeah. Four hours every night. That’s plenty.

RG: Um, that’s not good at all.

Horikoshi: Relatively speaking. Black Clover’s creator (Yūki Tabata) only gets three hours.

RG: That explains why it’s so bad.

Horikoshi: Hey! Don’t be rude. *cough cough*

RG: Whoa. Are you sick?

Horikoshi: Well, just a little. Had a cold a few months back, then the flu last month. I caught something else recently.

RG: Allergies?

Horikoshi: No, stairs.

RG: Huh?

Horikoshi: Fell down them.

RG: That’s horrible. You fell from lack of sleep?

Horikoshi: Lack of speed. Togashi-sensei (Hunter X Hunter creator) was rushing out Shueisha to buy Smash Bros. Special and I didn’t dodge out his way in time.

RG: I see. But, why were you at Shueisha? I thought editors picked up your work at your office.

Horikoshi: I had a meeting. It’s embarrassing to admit but I got busted for drug possession.

RG: What?

Horikoshi: No, no! It’s not as bad as it sounds. A fan sent me some homemade cookies and apparently they had a little something extra.

RG: So, you got high?

Horikoshi: …Yeah. According to the police, I was picked up on a bike on my way to Tokyo Disney. It wasn’t my bike. But, it’s cool. Oda-sensei put in a good word for me at the station. Everything was smoothed out quick. The police there loves One Piece. A couple future spoilers and an ecchi Nami picture and I was a free man. 

RG: What a nice guy.

Horikoshi: You bet! He even offered to take the rest of those drug cookies off my hands. In fact, he insisted. Even demanded I mail him any more stuff like that straight to him.

RG: A saint. A true saint.

Horikoshi: Of course, now I have to fix my last couple chapters. See, I had this huge Uraraka and Mina fight planned out but I accidentally forgot it when I was high.

RG: Oh, no.

Horikoshi: Sorry about that. Don’t worry I’m getting back on track.

RG: Well, I certainly never expected all this happened. Now, I see why chapters have been so short. I hope everything’s good now.

Horikoshi: Sorry to make you worry. I’m ready to turn out full-length chapters from now on. Right after I stop the upcoming demon apocalypse. 


Horikoshi: It’s okay. I have a sword. Well, a sword replica but it’ll all work out. Speaking of work, better finish this chapter before I take on the armies of hell. If you’ll excuse me.

RG: …Sure. Thank you, Horikoshi. See ya.

Horikoshi: Not if the world gets eaten by Death incarnate. *laughs*

RG: I think I need some cookies.