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Meet the Geek: Kohei Horikoshi [Why Are My Hero Academia Chapters Shorter?]


Welcome. Redgeek, here. It’s time we learned the truth. Kohei Horikoshi has been turning out shorter chapters for months and I want answers! I had a chance to sit down with Horikoshi-sensei at his office for another exclusive interview.


RG: Been awhile, Horikoshi. *stares*

Horikoshi: W-what are you doing?

RG: Checking for signs of exhaustion. Have you been sleeping okay?

Horikoshi: Oh, yeah, yeah. Four hours every night. That’s plenty.

RG: Um, that’s not good at all.

Horikoshi: Relatively speaking. Black Clover’s creator (Yūki Tabata) only gets three hours.

RG: That explains why it’s so bad.

Horikoshi: Hey! Don’t be rude. *cough cough*

RG: Whoa. Are you sick?

Horikoshi: Well, just a little. Had a cold a few months back, then the flu last month. I caught something else recently.

RG: Allergies?

Horikoshi: No, stairs.

RG: Huh?

Horikoshi: Fell down them.

RG: That’s horrible. You fell from lack of sleep?

Horikoshi: Lack of speed. Togashi-sensei (Hunter X Hunter creator) was rushing out Shueisha to buy Smash Bros. Special and I didn’t dodge out his way in time.

RG: I see. But, why were you at Shueisha? I thought editors picked up your work at your office.

Horikoshi: I had a meeting. It’s embarrassing to admit but I got busted for drug possession.

RG: What?

Horikoshi: No, no! It’s not as bad as it sounds. A fan sent me some homemade cookies and apparently they had a little something extra.

RG: So, you got high?

Horikoshi: …Yeah. According to the police, I was picked up on a bike on my way to Tokyo Disney. It wasn’t my bike. But, it’s cool. Oda-sensei put in a good word for me at the station. Everything was smoothed out quick. The police there loves One Piece. A couple future spoilers and an ecchi Nami picture and I was a free man. 

RG: What a nice guy.

Horikoshi: You bet! He even offered to take the rest of those drug cookies off my hands. In fact, he insisted. Even demanded I mail him any more stuff like that straight to him.

RG: A saint. A true saint.

Horikoshi: Of course, now I have to fix my last couple chapters. See, I had this huge Uraraka and Mina fight planned out but I accidentally forgot it when I was high.

RG: Oh, no.

Horikoshi: Sorry about that. Don’t worry I’m getting back on track.

RG: Well, I certainly never expected all this happened. Now, I see why chapters have been so short. I hope everything’s good now.

Horikoshi: Sorry to make you worry. I’m ready to turn out full-length chapters from now on. Right after I stop the upcoming demon apocalypse. 


Horikoshi: It’s okay. I have a sword. Well, a sword replica but it’ll all work out. Speaking of work, better finish this chapter before I take on the armies of hell. If you’ll excuse me.

RG: …Sure. Thank you, Horikoshi. See ya.

Horikoshi: Not if the world gets eaten by Death incarnate. *laughs*

RG: I think I need some cookies.


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