Posted by: Redgeek | January 11, 2019

Introducing Boa Hancock the Pirate Empress [One Piece 928]

I swear Oda, if you turn Komurasaki into a marriage-hungry woman after her character’s redeemed I’ll mail you ten copies of The Vagina Monologues or at least Madtv’s version of it.

Gia Gunn

Lookin’ good, Komurasaki. Tell Farrah Moan I said hi.

Gold digger alert! But, before that let’s check in with Luffy. You know, I never thought about it before but Luffy’s kindness must stem from Garp’s teachings. Anyway, Old Man Hyo gets an Oda Box so we may see him in the inevitable Wano flashback. Raizo gives Luffy a status update on his progress. The seastone cuff keys are guarded AND kept in a seastone box. Good on you Team Kaido for actually keeping something so valuable safe. Not sure if Raizo has a devil fruit but something tells me he’ll need help pulling this heist off. Zoro incoming?


And, of course, she’s Republican.

We also see Caribou being scummy. Shocking, I know. He’s gone from pirate sleezeball to Wendy Williams. Kid clears up rumors stating he fought a Big Mom general and, more importantly, for now, lost his arm fighting the freaking Red Hair Pirates! Note, he didn’t say Shanks, just his crew. Wow! Who was it? Benn Beckman? Lucky Roo? That monkey? Probably the monkey. Or, Rockstar! If Kid got his ass kicked by Rockstar I’d never complain about Oda’s female characters wanting to get married for two whole days. I want it that bad, Y’all.

Party’s over. Let’s talk about Komurasaki. Really, the only interesting thing about her is that she’s pretty much confirmed to be Hiyori, Momo’s “younger” sister. Which means she’s old enough to be Tama’s mother. Yeah, she’s got a sad backstory on the runway ready to take off, but right now, I don’t care. I’ve seen this before. The beautiful asshole has a tragic backstory and eventually lightens up, probably because she finds love because why give her something else she desires, right Oda? I got no problem with people wanting love, but women can be in love and have careers, Oda. They aren’t mutually exclusive.


How can no one not see this guy? Plot twist: Luffy’s experiencing a hallucinogenic fever dream.

Okay, rant over. Back to Drag Queen Robin. Seriously, she’s indeed lovely and I hope she wins All-Stars 5. I know why we had to see Bingoh’s flashback but I don’t feel sorry for him. He sold his family into slavery. Fuck that guy. It’s basically Oda’s get out of jail free card once Komurasaki turns good.

Great beginning and final revelation, but the middle stuff left me bored. Get to the jailbreak already.



  1. We’re going to be waiting for the fun stiff for a while. The payoff will be huge though. I can tell

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