Posted by: Redgeek | January 12, 2019

Death Star Plans [One Piece 929]

Wowsers! Could Shogun Orochi look any more scummy? All that’s missing are devil horns.


Look out, Sanji! Here come reinforcements.

Orochi, X Drake, Page One. Talk about a dragon fruit fest, Kaido knows what he wants. I’m half expecting to see Godzilla pop up for a quick cameo. Staying with Orochi for a moment, he and CP0 are in talks for more seastone weapons. It is seastone weapons, right? Why else would the World Government bother with Wano? Now, I know the WG makes battleship bottoms lined with the stuff but could Oda be foreshadowing something else? Perhaps a nasty new weapon or weapons with seastone as a main component? Something to replace the Warlords? Seastone robots may be on the menu soon.


Seconds before Orochi snorts blow off every geisha’s ass.

Orochi, being the sensible man that he is, wants Dr. Vegapunk in exchange for weapons. Not surprising the guy knows of Vegapunk (he seems knowledgeable of everything outside Wano), but what the heck could he need Vegapunk for? Not like the Shogun wants to take him out for lunch or anything. Safe to say Orochi got his sights set on world domination. Think about it. He’s got money, a country, and the power (Kaido) to keep it. Why else would he want Vegapunk if not to get more of those things? Dude’s got the brawn, but to take over the world, he needs a big brain. And, Dr. Vegapunk more than fits that bill.

Robin’s in the VIP room with Orochi, Marvel’s Black Widow wishes she was as good a spy. But, poor Franky can’t find the plans to Kaido’s mansion. Fortunately, Kin’emon’s on the case. Good, I keep forgetting he and Kanjuro exist. Expert hiders I guess. Team Dogstorm’s stealing food and weapons for the upcoming troops. I thought Usopp was making the weapons but this makes more sense.


Somehow, I think this is exactly what Zoro’s relationship with his dad is like.

Still unsure what’s up with Zoro’s part in the story. Is he freeing Luffy? Getting the mansion plans back? I got no idea, but the chapter ends with X Drake, Page One, and Hawkings looking for Soba Sanji. That Kyoshiro guy really is a big deal. One call to Queen and he’s got two of the six strongest headlines doing his bidding. Will the Strawhats cover finally be blown? Stay tuned.



…You’re still here? Fine. Yes, I do think the Strawhat’s will get outed. Now, go away. My nose hairs won’t trim themselves.




  1. I like your names for each chapter, man. Very creative

    • Thank you. Just showing my inner insanity.

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