Posted by: Redgeek | January 23, 2019

Jurassic Punked [One Piece 930]

Like Kaido, I hate it when people show up to my home unannounced. I mean I would if I had friends.


Usually takes a pound of cocaine to get me that happy.

Kaido’s actually freaking out, Y’all! True to her word, Big Mom is coming to Wano, and she’s bringing her sharpest high heels to ram up Luffy’s butt. Kaido be damned, Strawhat’s not getting away. Well, Kaido wants none of that. No one rampages around Wano but him and his crew. Plus, he might be Big Mom’s first baby daddy and who wants to deal with that drama?

None of that matters because King flies in and sends Big Mom’s ship (and the Yonko herself) into the sea. Ouch! I’m sure that’s the end of Big Mom. We’ll definitely never ever see Big Mom again. …Yep. By the way, I didn’t see Katakuri on the ship. Is he there or holding things down Totto Land?

Did I mention King’s a freaking pteranodon?! A pteranodon that shoots fire? Holy crap, that’s awesome. Flying devil fruits are always cool, but throw in it being a dinosaur and that’s an auto-win. So, is Queen a dinosaur too? Seems like most of Kaido’s strongest guys have ancient animal devil fruits. My guess is Queen is a dinosaur too. Probably an ankylosaurus or something like it.


Just do what everyone else does when their Mom wants to visit: cut off your lights and pretend not to be home.

Zoro’s in Ebisu Town. Moving on.

What? You want more? Fine. Toko, Boa Hancock 2.0’s child assistant, might be from there. You know, because she’s always laughing like Ebisu’s residents. Moving on, for real.

We end the chapter with the Flower Capital crew (minus Robin and Nami) escaping from getting busted by X Drake and Hawkings. Of course, Page One’s being a dick to every food shop he comes across so Sanji returns to confront the creep. I do like Page One shrugging off Sanji’s kick. These dino fruit users are in their own league. Sanji’s true identity can’t be discovered, so he decides to use his Germa 66 raid suit. Oh damn! I did not see that coming. This will be a fun fight. Not only because we’ll see Sanji as a Power Ranger, but the raid suit is highly advanced. Sanji’s getting new powers baby. Sanji fans, start clutching those pearls now.


It’s morphin’ time!

A meaty chapter. Lots of stuff happening. Good stuff. I’m happy. Give me more!

…An Oda break? Ah, I see. I’ll just be over in the corner sobbing for a couple weeks or so. Where’s my comfort ice cream?



  1. The only benefit I can think of for this Oda break is the fact that I can post my own recap for this chapter up tomorrow and still be in schedule. I forgot to do it last week.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that lol

  2. And I said this in another friends post, but Big Mom and Kaido come to blows, they may get weakened enough for the Straw Hat’s Alliance to take them both out.

    • Hm. Never considered it, but I don’t see Big Mom reaching Wano until everything is over and the Strawhats leave. If you’re right I’ll give you 20 internet dollars. It’s like real money but it’s fake.

  3. Where do you get the names for your stuff? They’re awesome! I’m surprised you don’t have more followers!

    • Thanks. Most are references to other things like movies or music artists. Other times I’ll reference my biggest takeaway from that specific chapter. Basically, I try putting what I feel in the titles.

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