Posted by: Redgeek | January 23, 2019

Ménage à Quirk [My Hero Academia 213]

It makes sense. One For All=Quirk that passes quirks+Stockpiling quirk.


Deku’s got “webbing”. Next quirk is “Sticky Feet”, then “Hero Sense”.

The previous users simply assumed that meant only strength. Wrong! Turns out One For All passes the previous users will and quirks too. Do I have a problem with that? No. I don’t.

Okay, I get it. Some of you out there don’t like where this is going. Deku’s already powerful enough, right? He’s gonna be this one-man wrecking crew just like Naruto or Ichigo from Bleach, right? While I agree those things happening would suck, I don’t think Horikoshi’s going down that road (at least, I hope he isn’t). Here’s why.

I believe at its core One For All is about raising a person’s physical abilities. Deku’s physical strength will always be at the forefront, with his tactics a close second. The extra quirks will be to Deku what the utility belt is to Batman. The belt helps Batman in his crusade against evil but he’s never overshadowed by it. It allows Batman to do his job better. Does he need it? No. But, he’d be way less effective without it. That’s what I think Deku’s other quirks will do. We even get a hint in this very chapter. Blackwhip came out when Deku wanted to capture Monoma. Sure, if it gets out of control, Blackwhip is monstrous, but that’s not its primary function. It’s basically a lasso. A lasso Deku can use to capture criminals. A tool in his fight against evil. Just like his shoes. Just like his air gloves.  Deku’s not overpowered, he’s gaining new ways to do his job.


Deku, meet Great Grandpa Might. He was born before the internet, video games, and t-shirts.

But, this chapter brings up another question: what are the other quirks? Deku felt a strong need to capture and that unlocked the best quirk for that job. Safe to say, something similar will happen in the future. Perhaps, Deku will have to protect someone and the best quirk for that job emerges, or, he has to block multiple projectiles and the best quirk for that pops up. Again, like a gadget, they’ll help Deku do his job, not define him.


Monoma doesn’t give a damn about your plot development.

Let’s change gears, will Monoma copy Deku’s power? I hope so! I really want to see what happens. At this point, I’m not even sure who will win. No, wait. Shinso’s probably going to the Hero Dept. Yeah, Class B will win. Maybe? Even if Team Shinso loses, he did help get Deku under control. Hm. I’ll stick to my guns and say Class B takes the win.

Definitely a game changer chapter. I’ll give Horikoshi the benefit of the doubt for now, but please, please, please don’t turn My Hero Academia into The Deku Show. You have lots of great characters, give them time in the spotlight too.




  1. I’d say that if this continues, Deku could become one of the most powerful heroes in fictional history. He has that kind of potential.

    • People joke All Might was anime Superman. Deku may end up being the real deal.

      • I think you may actually be right. He’ll have all those quirks in him. If he can control them, i can’t begin to imagine what it will be like.

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