Posted by: Redgeek | January 30, 2019

Now Watch Me Whip (Nae Nae Sold Separately) [My Hero Academia 214]

Nah uh! Don’t even try it, Deku.


No, I’m not talking about Deku activating Blackwhip. That’s fine. What I DO have a problem with is our main character mastering the damn move on the second try. Come on!

No. No. Wait. I’m jumping the gun here. I’m sure that was only your standard manga cliff hanger. Next chapter, we’ll see how Deku fairs against Shinso, whip to whip. I mean, there’s no way Deku’s willing that fight. We were reminded how hard Shinso practiced Aizawa’s techniques. To have Deku mosey along and outclass him would be a slap in the face. So, I’m officially calling I Don’t Think So on Midoriya (and Class A) getting the win.


Shoda rocking the dad bod.

The Mina/Mineta combo was cool. Glad Mina got her combo in. Would be nice if the Class B girls stepped it up. Why does Shoda have to protect them? Both their quirks are versatile. I know. I know. Everyone has their weaknesses, but at least have the girls watch each other’s backs. It’s a crappy excuse to feign Class A having the advantage.

One last thing: Monoma can’t use One For All! The question of whether or not Mr. Copy could copy OFA is finally answered. It’s a bit vague, but going by the official English version, it seems like Monoma did touch Deku and tried using his quirk but failed. There you have it. All Might said the quirk can’t be taken and now we have proof.



Well, Aizawa does love cats. Coincidence? 

Overall, this was one of the best chapters we’ve gotten in a while. Lots of action, a decent length (Horikoshi got some sleep, Y’all!), and plot development. Looking forward to the next chapter and Class A losing. Don’t @ me.

No, seriously, don’t. I’m not on Twitter.


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