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Raunchy Momonosuke [One Piece 934]

The Viz version spelled it sunach, but a scanlation spelled it snatch. I can’t be the only one who first thought Kiku was upset because Momo was basically yelling pussy.

Just don’t name yourselves after Cracker. That’ll be really awkward.

Why is it important we know the old man is Hyogoro the Flower? Well, it’s not, right now. But, we know he was the gangster back in the day. And, he’s in prison for a reason. And, I doubt it’s only because he’s a gangster. Ties to the Kazuki Family? To Kyoshiro? Well, that’s for the Wano flashback to reveal.

Thank you, Chopper, for bringing up Big Mom’s hat, Napoleon, isn’t talking. What’s up with that? It can’t be because BM’s soul is connected to it, because why wasn’t Zeus affected? Unless the palace party took place before Big Mom fell into the sea. I don’t get it. I also don’t get how Kid escaped. Yeah, he and Luffy were rebuilding their strength (increasing it I’d even say) so I’m sure Kid left when he felt he was strong enough for a round two against Kaido. The only reason Luffy’s probably still there is to do even more training and wait for Raizo to give him the key. Not sure what’s Kid’s plan for getting the cuffs off. Unless… he’s hiding on the premises. Waiting for his chance to get the sea stone key!

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Is Eri Getting Professional Counseling for Her Trauma? [My Hero Academia 217]

Sure, a safe home environment and caring older brother types are nice, but a little Zoloft wouldn’t hurt.

Maybe. Tune into the Prison Break Arc next time and find out!

It’s not the quirk, it’s how you use it.

That’s the theme of this chapter. Bakugo doesn’t sugarcoat his thoughts saying One For All is basically like All For One. Makes sense because OFA helped create it, but that’s just the stockpile aspect of the quirk. The First One For All User’s original quirk was the ability to pass down quirks, meaning, Deku getting the past user’s quirks is because of him. But, why did it take so long? Is it because a person’s body had to be strong enough to handle multiple quirks? If so, that means the stockpile part given by AFO made that happen. Phew! Long story short, All For One and One For All are more alike than everyone originally thought. There. Everyone caught up? No? We’re moving on anyway.

Class A and B are having a dinner get together. Mineta is strapped in a chair and forced to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Xena Warrior Princess, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lucky Bastard. Also, we have a brief moment with Todoroki who decides its time he mastered his fire powers and texts Endeavor to teach him how to perform Flashfire. So, um, who’s gonna teach Todoroki how to master his ice half?

Manga One Piece

Pretty Girls Never Die [One Piece 933]

Komurasaki ain’t dead. Either she or Kyoshiro used their devil fruit.

420 Land? Something tells me the original request wanted Enel blowing out smoke. But, at least, Oda kept in the part about him getting high.

We got confirmation Kyoshiro is part of the resistance. He’s doing that whole I’m an asshole but not when it counts thing Komurasaki and so many others have done. Wonder if he’s one of the nine samurai that’ll take down Team Kaido. Well, of course, he is. Oda’s not building him up for nothing. Besides, The Luffy Alliance needs someone with inside information on their side.

We also get confirmation Shogun Orochi has a mythical snake-snake fruit. No surprise there. I do want to note how Orochi took his frustrations out on others at the party, not Komurasaki. Found that interesting. If my Kyoshiro x Komurasaki theory is true and Orochi finds out, that could send him in super rage mode. Sticking a pin in that one for now.

Manga My Hero Academia

And the Winner Is… Shinso [My Hero Academia 216]

Hm. Shinso’s joining the Hero Course in the second semester. So, does that mean the traitor will be revealed before then?

It’s okay, buddy. You’ll get ’em next time. Now, can you lend me $50? I lost mine betting on your sorry butt.

It’s not like anyone’s getting booted out the Hero Course to make room. Sure, Shinso said it could happen, but storywise I don’t see Hori doing that. I’d be a real dick move on his part. So, no, Shinso’s taking over the traitor’s spot. Start the clock on that. Well, it’ll probably be another year at least before the students hit Year 2 but you get my drift.

Deku explained what happened honestly, nice. And, then everyone called bull shit and he was forced to… What? That didn’t happen? Oh, yeah. That’s right. Everyone just accepted that a guy with a glass cannon super strength quirk can now materialize black tentacles. Whatever. I just hope Aizawa takes Toshinori aside when they’re alone and demands he spill the beans about him, Deku, and Deku’s quirk. I swear, if Aizawa doesn’t I’ll lose all respect for him. He’s smarter than to take Deku’s excuse at face value.

Here’s a question: Who is this?


It’s not Aizawa, Toshinori (I think), or Endeavor if we’re going by his hair. The other guy looks like Present Mic so what’s going on? Who did Aizawa know back in his UA high school student days? And, why does this person matter now? Hm.

Manga One Piece

Shogun Rockwell [One Piece 932]

He always feels like somebody’s watching him.

This is so random. So stupid. I love everything about it!

How can Oda be so predictable, but at the same time, not? No, I’m not talking about the Robin in the room being a clone. That was pretty obvious. I’m talking about everything having to do with Komurasaki this chapter. Shall we begin?

Komurasaki is a good person deep down inside. Yeah, it was coming. I just didn’t realize we’d see it so soon. Shogun Orochi’s (not so) crazy talk is interrupted by a laughing Toko. Wow, talk about no restraint. But, hey, she’s a kid and that’s probably the entire reason Oda created the character, just for her to laugh during this scene. In an unexpected twist, Komurasaki protects Toko, probably feeling sentimental over the song she just sang. Not like she was crying under that mask while singing it or anything. Bookmark that for the Wano flashback.

Manga My Hero Academia

Uraraka Wrecks ‘Em [My Hero Academia 215]

Did you see that? I’m not dreaming, right? Uraraka kicked ass!

Uraraka VS Indoor Plumbing

She protected Deku last chapter and now Uraraka is on the warpath. First, she hauls Monoma to jail, making sure not to fall for his mind games. And, sidenote, I do feel bad for Monoma. He’s a jerk, but he’s a caring jerk. Anyway, back to Uravity, after taking care of Monoma, she goes to the battlefield and lays the beatdown on Yanagi AND Kodai. That’s three Class B students down. Oh, no! But, what about Shoda? What will Class A do? No, wait, Mina’s got it covered. One Punch is all it takes and Shoda’s down for the count. I think. This could all be a misdirect, but for now, I’m counting this match as over.

Manga One Piece

Go Go Stealth Black [One Piece 931]

Am I the only who thinks Franky and Usopp will modify Sanji’s raid suit to look like a regular suit with a cape and sunglasses?

Franky’s gonna build him a zord. I just know it.

Last time, on Power Rangers: Sanji was about to morph. This chapter he does and we meet Stealth Black, the 3rd member of Germa 66. You know, I thought he’d be yellow, but this makes more sense (Black Leg Sanji/Stealth Black). Sanji gets the standard upgrade: increased speed and durability, but his special ability is invisibility. That’s right, Sanji gets what he always wanted, to have the power to perv on naked women without getting caught. Remember All Blue? I sure don’t.

We see Page 1 in his man/beast form for the first time and from the blows he and Sanji give each other, this may be our second big fight of the arc. Law alluded to it but it goes without saying ancient zoan fruits are probably the most powerful of that type. And, it looks like all of Kaido’s strongest members will have one. That alone will make the fighting in this arc interesting since most enemy fruit fights are against paramecias. Seriously, zoans have gotten the shaft for quite a while now, but they’re back and ready to show just how deadly they can be.

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Hipster Hotline: Star Trek TNG Mirror Broken

A comic book about the Mirror Universe Next Generation Enterprise crew. Read it.

Star Trek- TNG - Mirror Broken-000
Aw. I wish evil Picard had poofy hair.

Who says reviews can’t be short? Okay, I give you some details. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken shows us what’s going on with Mirror Universe Captain Picard and the regular members of the Enterprise crew. Honestly, I never even considered something like this happening. Even after watching Deep Space Nine and the prequel Enterprise’s Mirror Universe episodes years ago. Forget a TNG episode, why wasn’t this idea a movie? Anyway, it’s a comic, so let focus on that.

Like I said, it’s a good story. Evil Captain Picard and most of the TNG regulars are working aboard the I.S.S. Stargazer, Picard’s old ship for those who may have forgotten. So, why aren’t they on the evil Enterprise? Well, The Terran Empire has seen better days. After the events of the original Star Trek Mirror Universe episode, Spock took over and tried making the Mirror Universe less evil (Yay!), but the Klingons and Cardassians teamed up and stomped the Terrans all the way back to Earth’s solar system (Whoops!). Meaning, the Terran Empire doesn’t have the resources to build galaxy class ships like the Enterprise. Or, do they?