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Go Go Stealth Black [One Piece 931]

Am I the only who thinks Franky and Usopp will modify Sanji’s raid suit to look like a regular suit with a cape and sunglasses?

Franky’s gonna build him a zord. I just know it.

Last time, on Power Rangers: Sanji was about to morph. This chapter he does and we meet Stealth Black, the 3rd member of Germa 66. You know, I thought he’d be yellow, but this makes more sense (Black Leg Sanji/Stealth Black). Sanji gets the standard upgrade: increased speed and durability, but his special ability is invisibility. That’s right, Sanji gets what he always wanted, to have the power to perv on naked women without getting caught. Remember All Blue? I sure don’t.

We see Page 1 in his man/beast form for the first time and from the blows he and Sanji give each other, this may be our second big fight of the arc. Law alluded to it but it goes without saying ancient zoan fruits are probably the most powerful of that type. And, it looks like all of Kaido’s strongest members will have one. That alone will make the fighting in this arc interesting since most enemy fruit fights are against paramecias. Seriously, zoans have gotten the shaft for quite a while now, but they’re back and ready to show just how deadly they can be.

When a causal fan joins an anime club.

We check-in with Robin and… what’s this? Robin is looking for poneglyphs? Wow! How long has it been since she’s done that? Well, our sneakiest member of the Straw Hat crew actually gets busted by… wait for it… ninjas! A whole mess of them. I mean damn Robin, I’ve seen fewer people dressed as ninjas at Anime Expo. Well, Robin’s screwed unless she can convince the Oniwabanshu’s Captain Fukurokuji not to murder her trespassing butt. Unless, of course, that Robin is a clone and the real ones still partying with Orochi. Either way, I hope she can run in heels or clogs in this case.

Finally, we catch up with Chopper and Team Don’t Care. They stumble across a sleeping Big Mom on the beach who apparently survived getting thrown off her ship. Where’s her crew? Who knows, but things take a turn for the worst, Big Mom wakes up and has amnesia. Dun dun du-WTF? Well, that’s one way to sideline Big Mom until Oda wants her doing her thing. Look, this can go multiple ways:

Big Mom can be properly sidelined until her memories come back near the end of the arc or after.

Big Mom can become “friends” with Team Chopper so when her memories do come back, she not a complete ass to them. Either helps the Straw Hats or remains somewhat neutral.

Big Mom regains her memories and also remembers she freaking ATE HER FRIENDS when she was a little girl.

Melissa McCarthy on crack?

And, that’s not even considering if her living hat, Napoleon, didn’t lose its own memories. Either way, I’m not a fan of this development. I’m pretty much assuming this is Oda’s way of getting Big Mom off Luffy back by making her some type of ally or neutral character. Fine, I guess. But, I don’t care right now. Shame we may never see Big Mom seriously rumble with a tough opponent.

Still, it was a good chapter. A lot happened. And, hey, its Oda. He’s a hard guy to predict at times. The Big Mom stuff might actually be really good. Maybe. Probably. Nah.

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