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Uraraka Wrecks ‘Em [My Hero Academia 215]

Did you see that? I’m not dreaming, right? Uraraka kicked ass!

Uraraka VS Indoor Plumbing

She protected Deku last chapter and now Uraraka is on the warpath. First, she hauls Monoma to jail, making sure not to fall for his mind games. And, sidenote, I do feel bad for Monoma. He’s a jerk, but he’s a caring jerk. Anyway, back to Uravity, after taking care of Monoma, she goes to the battlefield and lays the beatdown on Yanagi AND Kodai. That’s three Class B students down. Oh, no! But, what about Shoda? What will Class A do? No, wait, Mina’s got it covered. One Punch is all it takes and Shoda’s down for the count. I think. This could all be a misdirect, but for now, I’m counting this match as over.

Ouch! If that’s a smack, I’d hate to see a punch.

Like Monoma, Shinso did his best. He keeps his cool and always worked toward his goal. I’m sure Aizawa will factor that into whether he joins the Hero Department. Well, of course, he will.  No way is Shinso not getting into Class A to replace the traitor. That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it, damn it!

Now, the last review I predicted Class B would win and Shinso would out whip Deku. I was wrong… on both accounts. But, I am glad Deku doesn’t have full control of blackwhip. From what Deku said about not mastering blackwhip until he masters One For All, I predict every former OFA user’s quirk will have a time limit until he hits 100%. Perhaps the more he uses that specific quirk, the better he’ll get at using those quirks, but the time limit will still remain until he masters OFA itself.

One good smack deserves another.

I heard a theory on Reddit saying Deku has to reach a certain level before unlocking the User’s quirks. Gotta say I like it. It could explain why blackwhip was activated first and not Nana’s quirk. Maybe Deku has to reach 30% to unlock hers and the requirements go higher from there (i.e. 40%, 50%, etc.). Point is, there are restrictions put on Deku’s new powers and thank goodness for that. Let him have to work for those powers just like he does for OFA. And, people said Horikoshi pulled those extra quirks out of nowhere. Come on! If there’s one thing I have faith in, is Horikoshi handling Deku’s power scaling. Good job, Hori. On Deku and on Uraraka and Mina. Now, take what you’ve done with the girls… and keep doing it. Forever. Thank you.

Hey, Uraraka? You mind teaching the invisible girl some moves. She really needs to learn.


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