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Shogun Rockwell [One Piece 932]

He always feels like somebody’s watching him.

This is so random. So stupid. I love everything about it!

How can Oda be so predictable, but at the same time, not? No, I’m not talking about the Robin in the room being a clone. That was pretty obvious. I’m talking about everything having to do with Komurasaki this chapter. Shall we begin?

Komurasaki is a good person deep down inside. Yeah, it was coming. I just didn’t realize we’d see it so soon. Shogun Orochi’s (not so) crazy talk is interrupted by a laughing Toko. Wow, talk about no restraint. But, hey, she’s a kid and that’s probably the entire reason Oda created the character, just for her to laugh during this scene. In an unexpected twist, Komurasaki protects Toko, probably feeling sentimental over the song she just sang. Not like she was crying under that mask while singing it or anything. Bookmark that for the Wano flashback.

Boo! We want Celine Dion!

Well, Komurasaki lays the literal smack down on Orochi who debuts his hydra beast mode in response. Sure, the guy looks like an average fighter at best, but you can’t deny the power of a mythical devil fruit. Komurasaki, Robin, and Toko are in big trouble. Talk about a quick escalation! Good thing Robin, Shinobu, and Brook are there for back up, along with… Kyoshiro? Yeah, this guy’s a bit of an enigma, talking crap about the Shogun while at the same time seeming pretty competent. He’s got the aura of someone more than a mere secondary character. In fact, I’ll go so far to say he knows Komurasaki’s true origins! Yep, I’m calling it now: Kyoshiro knows she’s Kozuki Oden’s daughter. I’ll go even further and say he’s Tama’s father!

Dane Cook fans

Well, I’ll be surprised if Komurasaki doesn’t join Team Wano Resistance now. Especially after the Strawhats help save her and Toko. Not sure how they’ll do it. Orochi is one thing, but the Oniwabanshu looks reasonably tough. I guess Nami and Brook’s AoE attacks will come in handy soon enough.

Props to Oda for moving the plot along at a good pace. Seriously, this may end up being one of the best-paced arcs in years.

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