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And the Winner Is… Shinso [My Hero Academia 216]

Hm. Shinso’s joining the Hero Course in the second semester. So, does that mean the traitor will be revealed before then?

It’s okay, buddy. You’ll get ’em next time. Now, can you lend me $50? I lost mine betting on your sorry butt.

It’s not like anyone’s getting booted out the Hero Course to make room. Sure, Shinso said it could happen, but storywise I don’t see Hori doing that. I’d be a real dick move on his part. So, no, Shinso’s taking over the traitor’s spot. Start the clock on that. Well, it’ll probably be another year at least before the students hit Year 2 but you get my drift.

Deku explained what happened honestly, nice. And, then everyone called bull shit and he was forced to… What? That didn’t happen? Oh, yeah. That’s right. Everyone just accepted that a guy with a glass cannon super strength quirk can now materialize black tentacles. Whatever. I just hope Aizawa takes Toshinori aside when they’re alone and demands he spill the beans about him, Deku, and Deku’s quirk. I swear, if Aizawa doesn’t I’ll lose all respect for him. He’s smarter than to take Deku’s excuse at face value.

Here’s a question: Who is this?


It’s not Aizawa, Toshinori (I think), or Endeavor if we’re going by his hair. The other guy looks like Present Mic so what’s going on? Who did Aizawa know back in his UA high school student days? And, why does this person matter now? Hm.

UA allows Hero Course hazing. At least, that’s what Aizawa told them.

I’m not even going to talk about Deku not figuring out Monoma couldn’t use One For All. Come on, Deku. Monoma copied the actual quirk, NOT the power its been stockpiling. It’s like if Monoma copied cake batter expecting a ready-made cake. By the way, it took me nine hours to think of that analogy.

No, I want to talk about Monoma and Eri. I never considered Monoma teaching Eri how to use her quirk. Or, better yet, copying her quirk to reactive Mirio’s quirk! It’s so obvious. Question is if Monoma can effectively copy and use Eri’s quirk. I don’t see a reason not to. And, it makes sense using a trained quirk copier instead of a little kid to help Mirio, so I’m down for it.

You know? Maybe there is someone who should be booted down to Gen Ed.

I liked this chapter. Sure, I’d like it more if Class B won, but at least Shinso’s joining the Hero Course and we technically have a time table when the traitor will reveal herself. Plus, we’re one step closer to the Prison Break Arc. Aw, yeah! Better go buy some popcorn and pizza rolls. What? you don’t put popcorn in your pizza rolls? Weirdos.

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