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Is Eri Getting Professional Counseling for Her Trauma? [My Hero Academia 217]

Sure, a safe home environment and caring older brother types are nice, but a little Zoloft wouldn’t hurt.

Maybe. Tune into the Prison Break Arc next time and find out!

It’s not the quirk, it’s how you use it.

That’s the theme of this chapter. Bakugo doesn’t sugarcoat his thoughts saying One For All is basically like All For One. Makes sense because OFA helped create it, but that’s just the stockpile aspect of the quirk. The First One For All User’s original quirk was the ability to pass down quirks, meaning, Deku getting the past user’s quirks is because of him. But, why did it take so long? Is it because a person’s body had to be strong enough to handle multiple quirks? If so, that means the stockpile part given by AFO made that happen. Phew! Long story short, All For One and One For All are more alike than everyone originally thought. There. Everyone caught up? No? We’re moving on anyway.

Class A and B are having a dinner get together. Mineta is strapped in a chair and forced to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Xena Warrior Princess, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lucky Bastard. Also, we have a brief moment with Todoroki who decides its time he mastered his fire powers and texts Endeavor to teach him how to perform Flashfire. So, um, who’s gonna teach Todoroki how to master his ice half?

Snow Miser will teach Todoroki the ice move, Ten Below. And, how to spin on one foot.

The next day, we learn Aizawa has asked Monoma to copy and help teach Eri how to use her quirk. Unfortunately, Eri has a stored power quirk. So, like Deku, he gets the quirk but none of the accuminated power. Now, that leads to an interesting question: What does Eri’s quirk store? Time? And, if that’s the case, how does she do it? I’ve heard a few theories over the internet about it. My favorites being she can convert sugar into time energy. You know, like the more donuts she eats the stronger she gets. Basically, Eri’s like Sugar Man but important. Then, there’s the theory I’m rooting for. The one where Eri naturally converts time itself into power. For example: For every minute she goes without using her quirk, she gains the energy to reverse time equal to a day. Either way, it gives Eri’s uber powerful quirk a well-needed handicap and way for her to control it to some extent.

Someone on a forum mentioned this Shiragumo could be the UA dropout who went bad. Could he be one of AFO’s cellmates in Tartarus?

I love Deku comparing his quirk to hers. Just make Eri your freaking sidekick already! Hell, I’m still waiting for Deku to introduce Eri to his mom. Inko meeting her new daughter is long overdue.

This was a nice ending to this arc. While the Class Battle Arc itself didn’t exceed my expectations, I still enjoyed it and hope next week’s break is a sign Horikoshi will be put on Oda’s schedule from now on, seeing as him being overworked was probably a big reason why the arc wasn’t as polished as it could’ve been. Enjoy your break, Hori. You’ve earned it!



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