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Raunchy Momonosuke [One Piece 934]

The Viz version spelled it sunach, but a scanlation spelled it snatch. I can’t be the only one who first thought Kiku was upset because Momo was basically yelling pussy.

Just don’t name yourselves after Cracker. That’ll be really awkward.

Why is it important we know the old man is Hyogoro the Flower? Well, it’s not, right now. But, we know he was the gangster back in the day. And, he’s in prison for a reason. And, I doubt it’s only because he’s a gangster. Ties to the Kazuki Family? To Kyoshiro? Well, that’s for the Wano flashback to reveal.

Thank you, Chopper, for bringing up Big Mom’s hat, Napoleon, isn’t talking. What’s up with that? It can’t be because BM’s soul is connected to it, because why wasn’t Zeus affected? Unless the palace party took place before Big Mom fell into the sea. I don’t get it. I also don’t get how Kid escaped. Yeah, he and Luffy were rebuilding their strength (increasing it I’d even say) so I’m sure Kid left when he felt he was strong enough for a round two against Kaido. The only reason Luffy’s probably still there is to do even more training and wait for Raizo to give him the key. Not sure what’s Kid’s plan for getting the cuffs off. Unless… he’s hiding on the premises. Waiting for his chance to get the sea stone key!

Oops! I mean cun— no, I mean, twa— ugh, I mean Mount Pleasant!!

Well, with Team Nami and Team Sanji’s undercover operations a bust, it’s probably time for the prison break anyway. And, with Big Mom and Queen joining the party, things are gonna get insane. If I were a betting guy (and my empty bank account says I am), the Wano flashback will go down after the prison break and before the battle at Onigashima. In fact, I’d say the flashback will be Wano Arc, Part 3.

Ponegliffs! I forgot about those. If there’s any place besides Raftel the Strawhats will learn about the Void Century is here on Wano. Looking forward to the team getting that locked ponegiff as much as Kaido’s road ponegliff.

She was so close to getting Orochi’s ATM password. Darn it.

Guess, I’ll end it here with a shoutout to the alpaca devil fruit user. These gifters are a hoot to see. Oda’s really having fun with them. Another good chapter. More wonderful build up and— Wait! Wano is made up of smaller islands with different climates. That’s genius! And with that, I’ll see you next— Wait! People think the Strawhats are getting a samurai crewmember? No way. The main crew is done. Jinbe’s the last one. And, with that… We’re done. See you next time.

Hm? Zoro’s from Wano? What? I’m not buying it. Maybe his teacher, but not Zoro. Geez, I gotta stay off Reddit.

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