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State of the Vigilantes Address [My Hero Vigilantes]


Do you love My Hero Academia?
Read the manga?
Watch the anime?
Saw the movie?
You even like the spin-off series, right?

What? You don’t read it? Well, then, let me catch you up on all you need to know up to the current chapter in the story. But, first, what is My Hero Vigilantes? Well, you can check out my previous post for the basics, but in general, it’s a slice of life/superhero story set an undermined number of years before Izuku Midoriya first meets All Might. (That’s right, slice of life. If you’re looking for a battle shonen like Academia, you’ve come to the wrong place.) It focuses on three people who, while not villains, do use their quirks and fight crime without a hero’s license. Hold your breath, because we’re jumping right into the spoilers pool. And, if you want to read it for yourself, check it out on Viz’s website. If it’s not available in your country, I’m not sure what you can do, sorry. *cough*use a VPN*cough* Let’s get into it!

Koichi Haimawari [The Crawler]

Bunny ears done right. Take notes, Deku.

Koichi is a laid back college student with a quirk that allows him to glide on surfaces, kinda like a hovercraft. He’s a big All Might fan like Deku, and also similar to Deku, Koichi hasn’t unlocked his quirks full abilities. Throughout the series, Koichi learns his quirk, called Slide and Glide, is actually more powerful than he had first thought. In the beginning, he had trouble controlling his speed, but now he’s mastered its maneuverability. So much so that and can even use his quirk to stick to walls, fire an energy blast, and even fly (or at least hover in the air). It’s worth noting that Koichi hasn’t mastered the air hovering technique yet. Point is, Koichi’s quirk is amazing, and possibly one of the best quirks for being a hero I’ve seen yet. Where he once was apprehensive about being a vigilante, he’s now fully embraced it in recent chapters, earning the respect of his community and even certain heroes to the point they work with him under certain circumstances. Koichi has become a hero in every aspect but name.

There’s not much going on in Koichi’s personal life. Besides school and vigilantism, he’s Pop Step’s (a local idol’s) manager. That’s in name only too as he’s more like her assistant and supportive friend. Speaking of Pop Step…

Kazuho Haneyama [Pop Step]

Formerly known as Rap Step, the hardest rapper in her school’s Chess Club.

Pop Step is Naruhata’s local pop idol. She uses her quirk illegally during her concerts, helps guide bystanders away during criminal attacks, and uses her fans to help gather information when needed. We don’t see Pop doing illegal concerts anymore, instead, she’s part of a performing group working for a department store. We learn she was saved by Koichi when she was in junior high, but Koichi doesn’t remember her. She’s friends with the hero Midnight and tries to keep Koichi grounded, making sure he doesn’t become an overly violent vigilante like Knuckleduster. Right now in the story, she and her group is performing at a huge event celebrating Captain Celebrity returning to the United States. Lots of heroes have shown up. Oh, and the place is about to be attacked by exploding flying creatures who are basically early versions of Nomu from the main series. Ruh-oh!

Mr. Oguro [Knuckleduster]

Ole Knuckleduster isn’t a fan of greedy video game companies.

Knuckleduster is a tough quirkless vigilante looking for his daughter. Turns out she was working for an organization called the Villain Factory, their purpose largely unknown. While looking for his daughter, Tamao Oguro, Knuckleduster befriends Koichi and Pop Step, grooming the former into becoming a badass vigilante like himself. Knuckleduster did eventually find his daughter (who was being mind controlled/influenced by a bee with a quirk. I’m not joking.), fight, and defeat her. The mind-controlling bug gone, his daughter is now recovering in the hospital and Knuckleduster seemingly gave up his vigilante life in order to take care of her, leaving Naruhata’s safety to Koichi and Pop Step. But, it turns out Knuckleduster isn’t about to forgive the Villian Factory and is following leads to track them down, and sharing whatever information he acquires to a police official.

Mega spoilers incoming: We learn Knuckleduster was once a legitimate hero! A hero with a speed quirk named O’Clock. He also had his quirk stolen. While not confirmed, we can assume All For One stole it, for now.

With Speed Force copyrighted by DC, O’Clock has to refer to his speedy energy as the Shuffle Force.

Villain Factory

The secret to her happy attitude: meditation.

The organization experimenting on quirk users, overclocking their powers, and turning them into monsters. The Villian Factory is essentially turning average people into villains and collecting the data. Why? We don’t know yet, but its implied this organization is linked to All For One in that this could all be the experiments that led to the creation of Nomu in the main series.

Kuin Hachisuka [Tamao Oguro’s alias] was the “face” of the organization, finding victims and recording her findings, until her defeat by Knuckleduster. Now her role falls to an unnamed guy with a speed quirk. He was once O’Clock’s pupil and admires the hero. Knuckleduster currently doesn’t know the pupil has anything to do with the Villain Factory. And, as of right now, Speed Guy wants to test his flying bomb creatures out on a hero named Captain Celebrity, which is why he and the monsters are attacking Sky Egg, the place where the Captain (Pop Step and Koichi too) is currently located.

Other Tidbits Worth Noting

Batman villain #475

-Stain once used to call himself Stendhal and was killing criminals until Knuckleduster clobbered him. Now, he’s blaming society’s problems on weak and unfit heroes unable to stop those criminals.

-There’s a chapter about how All Might and Detective Tsukauchi first meet and how he learns All Might’s secret identity.

-Ingenium (Iida’s brother, Tensei), Midnight, Fat Gum, and Aizawa have all met Koichi.

-Aizawa once protected Koichi from Tsukauchi who is looking for the vigilantes in his spare time.

-Captain Celebrity, a hero originally from the USA, is a semi-regular member of the cast. He’s a womanizer, but deep down is a good guy. I mention him because the story is alluding he could end up being killed by the Villian Factory.

And, there you go. You’re all caught up. Now, head on over to Viz or MangaPlus and read the latest chapter. Then, you can tell me how right I am thinking Koichi is a better character than Deku. Yeah, I said it. Now, you have to read Vigilantes so you can disagree with me. Hee hee hee.

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