Posted by: Redgeek | March 26, 2019

Hyogoro Knows Rayleigh? [One Piece 937]

Keeping building up that Big Mom oshiruko rage mode, Oda. At least, I think that’s gonna happen. You’ve been very subtle about it. What, with showing how hungry Big Mom is, mentioning how good oshiruko is, and coincidentally having it be Queen’s favorite dish. It’s a wonder how anyone could’ve figured it out.


Hold up. Is that Boots the Monkey from the live-action Dora the Explorer movie?

Ah! So it’s not just physical strength, Luffy wants to improve his haki too. Nice. Good to see the guy putting his all into getting stronger. I like where this is going. Luffy’s got physical strength, yeah, but he needs to master his techniques to become Pirate King. I’m talking about not only becoming a master at using haki, but Luffy using his rubber abilities to their fullest. So, will Luffy awaken his devil fruit power against Kaido? I can see it happening. Not so much mastering it, but maybe mixing it with his improved haki techniques to deliver a few good blows.

Does Old Man Hyo know Rayleigh? Gol D. Roger and his crew traveling to Wano would make sense, either on their first or second trip around the world, probably both. It’s crazy how important Hyo is to the story now. He’s the key to gathering a big resistance force and now could give Luffy some extremely important information regarding something poneglyph and/or Roger Pirates related. Wait a minute. Is Hyogoro a former member of the Roger Pirates? Not sure if the timeline matches up there, but I’m guessing he at least met them.


That’s right, no one. Not even Big Mom. Wait, why did I mention her? Oh, well.

We catch up with Zoro fighting Gyukimaru, the sword collector, on a bridge. The guy’s talking about how great Ryuma is and all I’m thinking is how weak he was against a PRE time skip Zoro. Well, it’s shonen and in shonen, fighters get increasing stronger each new generation. What’s this, Oda? Komurasaki’s alive! I can’t believe such an important character hinted to be Momonosuke’s sister and Tama’s mother didn’t die when seemingly being killed by a guy who could be part of the resistance, hates Orochi, and might be Tama’s father. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me people with D. in their name have something to do with the Void Century.

Wano was known as the Land of Gold. Interesting. I wonder why. I’m being serious this time, Y’all. I don’t think the title refers to actual gold. Maybe something called a treasure by those who know about it. Gonna put a pin in that.

About Shusui, Ryuma’s old sword. It has a black blade. Haki turns blades black. And, Gyukimaru said the sword was forged over time by the legendary swordsman. Could that mean Ryuma permanently turned Shusui black with his haki, and in the process made it even stronger? Oh, boy. That will be a cool technique for Zoro to master.


A black blade, huh? Well played, Oda.

Despite Gyukimaru’s interference, Zoro takes down the wanted killer/assassin/Shishio cosplayer, Hitokiri Kamazo, and saves Toko. Good job, and good chapter. Some nice info teases this chapter concerning Luffy and Zoro getting stronger, as well as a possible connection between Old Man Hyo and the Roger Pirates. I only hope Oda explains what’s going on with the oshiruko references because I just don’t get it.

*ring ring ring*

Hello? Oda-sensei? …Oh. Yeah. I know I’m being a jerk about the oshiruko. Just having a little fun. …Oh. Your whole foot? Right up my… Yesh! I’m sorry, okay? Okay, bye. Geez, lay off the caffeine, Oda.

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