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Goodnight, My Sweet Black Market Prince [My Hero Academia 222]

I still upset over Magne and you do this to me, Horikoshi? Damn it!

Giran died giving the Liberation Army the middle finger.

That mass looks similar to Giran’s scarf plus a (mushy?) finger. Screw you, Monarch! But, that does add weight to my theory Ujiko will be providing the League of Villians with new, updated gear from now on. Can you imagine what kind of souped-up metal arm he can give Mr. Compress? Watch out, Winter Soldier. There’s a new metal arm badass coming. And, not just gear. The Doctor could have improved on the Trigger formula. So, not only would our favorite evil organization have the latest gear, their quirks will be overclocked to their maximum potential. Now that’s an upgrade!

It looks like Giran’s remains were dropped outside Overhaul’s old headquarters. Check it out, courtesy of Reddit.


That has to be meant as a message to Shigaraki. The Liberation Army knows he has Overhaul’s quirk erasing research and wants it destroyed. Those guys are kinda obsessed with quirk freedom, after all. Can’t be free to use your quirk if you don’t have a quirk to use. Right?

Tokoyami as Rodan. Make it happen, Horikoshi.

Okay, this leads me to Spinner. At first, I thought he’d stay onboard with the League after hearing Shiggy pour his crazy little heart out, but now I have my doubts. Spinner would be the perfect candidate to abandon the LoV for the quirk friendly Liberation Army. His betrayal would make for a good story. Problem is Hawks (the guy Dabi must have been talking about almost recruiting this chapter) will serve that purpose. Plus, Shiggy’s arc is about gaining power and one thing he needs is charisma, enough that no one in his inner circle would even consider betraying him. So, which is it? Will Spinner defect to the Liberation Army or not? Well, I say… yes. BUT, either he’ll do it legitimately or it’ll be a ruse to destroy the Army from within. Kinda like how Toga and Twice had a hand in screwing up Overhaul’s plans.

Remember, Shigaraki wants his followers to get what they want too. That includes Spinner. To me, that is what’s gonna keep Spinner in the League at the end of the day.

That is if they survive Gigantomachia. Overpowering a damage tank like him won’t work, especially without Dabi. Shiggy will have to play it smart. Maybe distract him with a clone of All For One made by Twice. That could work along with some smart plays from Mr. Compress and Toga. If they work at a unit they can get the job done.

Westeros just can’t catch a break.

Lastly, let’s talk about Shigaraki’s backstory. It’s implied his decay quirk is a mutation, kinda like Eri’s regression ability. Of course, All For One manipulated his loss and turned it into rage against the world. But, was that all All For One did? Obviously, it’s no coincidence he happened to find Nana Shimura’s grandson in such a vulnerable state. Somehow, he manipulated events to get Shiggy on his side. The question is how much? Did All For One give Shiggy that quirk or was he simply keeping track of Nana’s family, waiting for an opportunity to strike and got lucky with Shigaraki’s mutation? We’ll learn the truth, but not anytime soon. What’s important now is that Shiggy wants to destroy society and now he’s got the comrades and equipment to do it. My Villain Academia, indeed.

What a great chapter! I don’t think we’ll see how the League bests Gigantomachia, so well probably shift gears back to the present next time. I’m fine with that, I can wait. And, at least we know they will win somehow. The Monarch or UA, where are you taking us next, Horikoshi? Well, wherever we go I’m sure it’ll be fun for everyone.

Everyone except for Giran. Because he’s fucking dead. DAMN IT!!!


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