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Giran’s Alive and Joining The Last Leg [My Hero Academia 223]

Move over Alex Brooker, there’s a new disabled star on the rise. And, his name is Giran.

Giran taking his non-disclosure agreement as seriously as his no refunds policy.

We’re back to the present, Y’all! Shigaraki and friends are still trying to jump Gigantomachia into the gang. It ain’t working. Turns out a guy tough enough to handle multiple quirks and be All For One’s bodyguard is pretty damn strong. Well, Giganto is naked, they should try whacking him in the junk. That’ll force anyone to submit.

Spinner’s sticking around but still has his doubts. But, where could a guy who was mistreated because of his mutant quirk go to join with like-minded people who desire quirk acceptance and usage for all? Hm? No time thinking about that, Twice’s ass is ringing! It’s the Monarch, or, I should say, Redestro, the Supreme Commander of the Meta Liberation Army/President and CEO of Detnerat.

Being the Supreme Leader doesn’t excuse you from drinking at 8 in the morning.

You see, Redestro wants to destroy the League of Villians because‚Ķ they’re too popular. Huh? Thought they’d be more to it. And, I’m guessing there is. Think about it, Redestro is basically showing the League how powerful they are, the technology they possess, the huge number of members they hold. It’s classic scare tactics. But, why? If Redestro truly wanted the League gone, why no just trace the call and send in the heroes? And, no, it’s more than simply wanting to do it themselves. They want something from the League: Overhaul’s quirk erasing research. I’ve said it before, but it makes too much sense. A group all about quirk freedom shouldn’t tolerate something like that existing. That is Redestro’s true goal.

Sha, sha ba da, sha ba da, Feel Good

So, the Liberation Army is comprised of big wig corporate folks and even a politician. We don’t see many to those in the series. Honestly, it’s kinda sad how screwed up the LA is. If they weren’t such extremists I’m sure these same people in favor of quirk freedom could lobby the government to lighten quirk restriction laws. It’s already been established in My Hero Vigilantes that most people don’t bat an eye when someone uses their quirk illegally in public as long as it doesn’t bother anyone else.

Like I mentioned earlier, my best friend in the entire world, Giran, is still alive. What I thought was a mash of his body parts mixed in his scarf was just the scarf and middle finger. Will Shigaraki save him? I think so. Why wouldn’t he? He’s a useful guy, whether he likes him or not. And, come on, I’m sure everyone in the League likes him. He’s a total professional. You’ve got to be charismatic when even psychos and sociopaths respect you.

Any company responsible for Fairy Tail and Black Clover must be evil.

So, how will Shiggy save Giran? He’ll have to go to Deika City and hear LA’s demands (Overhaul’s research). Redestro will probably trade it for Giran. A High-End Nomu backing him up would be nice, but I don’t think the Doctor’s willing to give them another just yet. No, I think things will get worse for the League before it gets better. Will Spinner’s doom prediction come true? Maybe, from his perspective. If he joins the Liberation Army and it looks like the League is destroyed in some attack or left for dead. Either way, Shiggy’s down, but he’s not out yet. Question is: How much will he lose before getting to the top? I’m looking forward to finding out.

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