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Evil Portland, Oregon [My Hero Academia 224]

A city full of hipster extremists. Yep, Deika City is Portland but evil. This is what happens when coffee shops stop selling Peppermint Mochas.

OMG! Twice is Ryan Reynolds!

I love Twice. What a bro! The League of Villians is his family and he’s very protective of them. Makes me sad knowing there’s a chance Spinner might abandon them for the Liberation Army.

Shigaraki has a plan, Y’all! First, the entire League walks right into the Liberation Army’s trap. Stay with me, here. BUT, Gigantomachia will follow Shigaraki to Deika City and continue trying to kill him. Wait. Wait. Wait! Here’s the kicker: Giganto, the loose cannon that he is, will fight everyone, League and LA alike, widdling down his energy until Shiggy is finally able to take him down. There. A perfect plan. And, all Shiggy has to do is survive for over an hour inside enemy territory, and then have the energy to outrun and defeat Gigantomachia. Simple, right?

Well, we got confirmation Slide N’ Go is part of the Liberation Army. No shocker there. I’m still waiting on Aizawa’s old classmate to show. I wonder if he’s the Liberation guy in the coat?


Five minutes there and they already passed two Forever 21s, seven vegan donut shops, and an oxygen bar.

The big battle’s started, the entire event being recorded by cameras placed all over town. No doubt Redestro’s enjoying the show. I like the page showing Shigaraki disintegrating some mooks. When the League isn’t fighting major characters it’s fun seeing them let loose and do what they do best, destroy.

Surprisingly, two of the Army’s inner circle is there, Hanabata of the Hearts And Mind Party and Kizuki from Shueisha, the evil version. Oh, who am I kidding? They’re both evil. Interestingly enough, both mid-bosses are wearing something on their wrists.

224wrist1 224wrist2

What could they be? Simple communication devices? Or, maybe, they hold Trigger and will give them an extra power boost? Hey, who’s to say they don’t have more tech on them ready to give them an edge in battle? These guys can’t be dumb enough to engage the League of Villains without an ace or 12.

We end the chapter with Toga about to face off against Kizuki. The best part is we’ll probably get to learn Toga’s backstory too! Thinking about it, we might learn or get hints on every League member’s past. This is the arc to do it, after all. And, yes, this is a villain arc. I was skeptical at first, but Horikoshi is giving us a full League of Villains arc and I couldn’t be happier. The assumed final boss of the series needs one. It’s been a long time coming.

I’m starting to think Dabi acts aloof because he’s stoned 24/7.

Great chapter. Now, we just need to check in on Deku for a couple chapters before continuing. Just kidding. Seriously, Horikoshi. You do that and I’ll never invite over for D&D again!

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