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Interview with Brad Pitt’s Daughter [My Hero Academia 225]

I need more. No, not more Brad Pitt. More information on the Meta Liberation Army.

Ladies & Gentlemen, the coolest character in My Hero Academia: Alligator Guy!

For example, how “free” do they want people to be able to use their quirks? Are we talking using quirks in public in everyday life or are we talking no limit shoot blast kaboom chaos? It’s not clear what restrictions, if any, the Liberation Army wants. As I said in past reviews, most folks these days would probably support legal quirk use in public as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else. So, why revive the cause as an army again? My guess is blind faith in the original Destro’s ideals.

Think about it, generations ago, mysterious quirks are popping up all around the world out of nowhere, the number of people with them growing more every day. I think the Japanese government wanted civil order and they wanted it immediately. That’s where the no quirks in public law came from, in my opinion. But, thinking about it from that perspective makes that law obsolete today. Civil order has long since been reestablished. We now have heroes and quirk usage is normal in today’s society. Japan can handle more relaxed quirk laws. That’s what’s so frustrating about the Liberation Army. If they’d just abandon Destro’s militant ways and forge ahead using public opinion, propaganda, and lobbying as their weapons they could change the laws legally! Their extremist ideas are killing their cause and all because Destro’s descendant wants to do things the old fashioned way. It’s a shame, and I hope there’s someone in the organization who realizes this method of violence won’t get them anywhere.

Pac-man, you scary!

But, I will give points to Redestro for figuring out the League of Villains is low on Nomus.

Himiko Toga. Anyone else thinks her quirk gives her blood lust? I’m talking animalistic blood lust. I mean, seriously, look at her eyes. That can’t be a coincidence.


Toga’s mask in the flashback panels could mean she’s been pretending to be “normal” for years. In fact, her family could all have that same blood lust within them but are taught to restrain it in order to live a normal life. Toga tried, but it didn’t end well. This leaves two questions I need answering. One, what or who triggered Toga abandoning her fake life? The Deku lookalike probably has something to do with that. Can you imagine seeing a panel showing a dead and bloodied Deku clone? Wow, that’s messed up. And, if Toga became that lookalike? Yikes! That’s mega messed up.

Fighting Toga? Fighting to protect Toga? Or, Toga transformed into Not Deku? Answer: Toga dressed as Deku at Otakon.

The second question I have about Toga is the same one Kizuki brought up in this chapter, where did Toga learn to fight? If she never got caught, I’m assuming she learned her skills before running away. Maybe directing her murderous tendencies into learning how to fight kept her somewhat stable. Still, who did she learn them from? Her family? A teacher? The Deku lookalike? I’m just glad Horikoshi will eventually explain it.

Um, Toga. You got a little something on your face. No, there. Yeah, your nose too. You know what? It’s fine. As long as you’re happy.

Alright, I should mention Kizuki’s quirk, landmine. I like it. Glad she’s using it in a tactical way seeing as she should know a straight up one on one against Toga is a death sentence. Good use of her powers and her subordinates. Will she get that interview? Yes. Will she live long enough to have it printed? No. I don’t see Kizuki walking away from this fight. But, hey, still lots of time until Gigantomachia arrives, anything can happen!

A great chapter. More details about Toga is welcomed and the gorgeous art and dynamic paneling make the story pop. You’re on a roll, Horikoshi. Keep it up!

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