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Tonoyasu is Denjiro? [One Piece 940]

So, everyone just let Law go to save his crew alone. Jerks.

Look, you can’t expect them to remember everyone from Chess Club.

Oda gave us one of the most real moments in One Piece history: forgetting an old acquaintance. Solid. So, who is Tonoyasu? My guess he’s the last samurai the Alliance is looking for, Denjiro. He’s basically hiding in plain sight. Maybe he used a ninja art to hide his true appearance or used his devil fruit power if he has one. This also explains why Komurasaki and Toko are so close, seeing as their fathers were friends.

Ah, yes. Oda continues cleaning up Komurasaki’s shitty old behavior by making the guys who lost everything total sleezebags. I’m fine with it. We already knew one of them sold their family for money so it makes sense.

Now, this reminds me of when I was in the school choir. Rehearsals were brutal.

Oh, Caribou. Stick that quarter up your butt now because you’re playing yourself. And, nice twist on the labor camps being full of those hating Orochi and Kaidou’s guts. Yep. Instead of escaping, Luffy and friends (plus Chopper’s team) are going turn Udon into a battlefield. Guess this is where we’re getting our big fights and where we’ll close out Wano Part Two. Whether it’s Luffy or Big Mom or Kawamatsu, Queen is getting his ass handed to him before the prison arc ends.

Shout out to Oda for putting this Nami and Usopp scene in. Nice seeing the Strawhats just hanging out. Even if they didn’t help Law. Dicks.

A good chapter. I like the Alliance are still gaining members despite their plan getting leaked. Too bad Law might get stomped battling alone. Seriously, its a hell of a dick move by the others, even if they told him not to go. Wait, where’s Brook? Hm. Maybe there’s hope for you yet, Strawhats.

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