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Double Your Funeral, Double the Fun [One Piece 941]

I feel a lot has happened, but at the same time, it didn’t.

Yasu the Hedgehog? Eh, I like him, but I’m not looking forward to his movie. The CG looks terrible. But, hey, Jim Carrey as Kaido should be fun.

Let’s talk about the biggest revelation this chapter, Tonoyasu is Lord Yasuie, an old ally of Oden Kozuki. So, he’s not Denjiro. Hm. Where the hell is Denjiro? Anyway, Tonoyasu is also Ushimitsu Kozo AKA the Robin Hood of Wano so now the citizens are double upset over his capture and Komurasaki’s death. Things aren’t looking too good for Tonoyasu. Is he really dying? Sure, it’s possible. If Oda wants to make him a martyr, then yeah. On the other hand, Zoro and Brook are heading to the Flower Capital and Law’s already there so whether Tonoyasu’s saved or not, there’s a fight a-brewing.

Shutenmaru’s on his own journey to Bakura Town to payback Holdem for setting fire to his territory. Another potential battle hotspot is cooking. Especially, if Kin’emon and Dogstorm are headed there to try recruiting him again.

This wouldn’t look so bad if Careless Whisper wasn’t playing in the background.

Does Queen partake in cannabis? He just might be the most down to earth pirate antagonist in One Piece. Sure, he’s upset over Komurasaki’s death, but he’s not going on a rampage. Even Luffy’s insults and him getting bad news in previous chapters don’t faze him for too long. He’s an emotionally stable guy in tune with his feelings and expresses them in healthy ways. Look, the guy’s puffing on something, for all we know it’s weed. Or, maybe he just meditates? Tell us your secret, Queen!

Wait a second. Hasn’t anyone noticed Komurasaki’s body is gone? Ooooh… Guess that’s happening soon. Freakouts a-coming.

Gear 5: Dad Bod

And… that’s about it. Tonoyasu’s death is going to be shown on HD light scrolls and Luffy’s been fed, so he’s back at 100% fighting capacity. Yep. A lot happened but at the same time not much. Think I’m ready for the flashback now. There’s a point in every arc where I hit a slogging point, and I’m thinking this is it. It’s not enough things are happening. I want things I care about happening. I’ll be happy once conflicts reach a boiling point at the Labor Camp, Flower Capital, and Bakura Town. Not so much watching fighting fights of fighting. But, seeing Kaido’s force’s doing more and the Alliance plans either coming together or falling apart more. Even Orochi taking a more active role in events is welcomed. I’m just tired of the current status of events and want something new.

Well, here’s hoping Luffy masters his new haki technique next week or Tonoyasu dies or is saved. If I’m really lucky, we’ll see Thanos show up to kill half of Wano’s population. How’s that for a game changer?


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