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World’s Worst Bitchslap [My Hero Academia 227]

Toga don’t die! But, if you do, can I have your knives? They look expensive.

Must’ve been some good ass pancakes.

How in the world will Toga survive for over an hour in her condition? Well, if Mr. Compress finds her he can transform her into a ball until Ujiko works his healing/mad scientist magic and fix her up. Or, maybe Spinner has a healing quirk. Either way, things aren’t looking good for our favorite bloodsucker.

You know, I forgot the League of Villains are trying NOT to kill the Meta Liberation Army so they can use them against Gigantomachia. Guess that explains why half the town isn’t on fire.

Shigaraki has a flashback, Yall! It’s short but we get lots of info, one being his sister’s name, Hana. Another is the implication Shiggy wanted to be a hero before losing his family. That could be why Hana showed him Nana’s picture, she’s trying to cheer him up after being scolded by his father. Yes, the very same father that was put up for adoption by Nana after her husband died in order to protect him. Sure, I bet Dad understands why she did it, but she never would have in the first place if Nana wasn’t a hero. No wonder he doesn’t want Shiggy becoming one. Well, you got your wish, Dad. Congratulations?

See, kids? This is what happens when you don’t wash your hands.

Once again, we see a member of the League go through mental anguish before unlocking their quirk. First, Toga and now, Shigaraki. And, by the looks of how the chapter ends it’s Dabi’s turn. Will we finally be getting our Toya Todoroki flashback? Yes and no. We’ll get something but every flashback this arc hasn’t been completed. We fans will get some new info but not the full story. But, hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Shiggy’s the only one we’ve seen with white hair. Odds are he’s got a mutant type quirk like Eri. Professor X incoming!

Heard rumors of people saying the ice guy is Natsuo Todoroki. Hm. Interesting theory but I don’t agree. Why would Natsuo be part of Redestro’s inner circle? And, why join the Meta Liberation Army in the first place? Sure, he hates his dad, but would he go so far as to join them just to give the public the right to use quirks, making heroes obsolete? …Maybe? Hm… No. No. No. Anyone fighting Dabi in this town is fodder for his inevitable power-up. That can’t be Natsuo because he’d probably die. Nope, I’ll stick to my guns and say it’s not him.

Good chapter. Things are moving along nicely. I’m glad Dabi is being pressured to improve his quirk, first by Gigantomachia and now by Snow Meiser. Should be a fun fight coming up.

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