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Evil Twice Incoming? [My Hero Academia 228]

Just when I thought it was safe to hypothesize about a Dabi flashback, we shift gears to focus on Twice instead. Even better!

Dr. Wily’s loss is the Meta Liberation Army’s gain

But, first, let’s talk Dabi and Parka Guy. Horikoshi isn’t skimping on the art. Everything from Dabi’s design to the Parka’s ice dragon, to the fire and ice double page spread looks great. Parka can move and mold ice in seemingly anyway he wants, even floating in the air on it. Interesting how he mentioned Redestro supporting him in his quest to train his quirk. Something tells me Mr. Freeze isn’t the only guy Redestro’s been helping out.

It may seem like a no brainer Dabi wins but ice is tougher than most people give credit for, plus Snow Meiser has move maneuverability and can mold ice constructs. That’s more than enough to keep Dabi on the ropes.

Everyone at my Game of Thrones series finale viewing party

My buddy, Twice. Poor, poor Twice. All he wants is a family, but mean ole’ Skeptic is trying to kidnap him. You know, Skeptic is smart, learning of Twice’s trauma then trying to use it against him. But, there’s one little problem. Two problems, actually.

  1. Twice is trying to protect an injured Toga.
  2. Skeptic’s Twice copies pulled off Jin’s mask.

Alone, I can see Twice getting captured, but now he has someone to fight for. Not simply someone, but someones. He’s fighting for his family. And, we all know how strongly Twice feels about the League as his family. That’s his motivation to fight right there.

Twice losing his mask is the how. Every member of the League is getting a power-up, Twice is no exception. In order to save himself and Toga, he’ll have to do what he fears most. Twice will have to copy himself. But, how will that help, you ask? Well, notice how much attention Horikoshi gave to Twice and his “other self” this chapter. And, also remember we haven’t seen what happens when Twice doesn’t put back on his mask. All we know is that he freaks out saying he’s going to split apart. And, that’s what he’ll do. Twice will copy himself and that “evil” side he’s always fighting will temporarily have a body of his own. A body primed and ready to cut loose on any unfortunate Jin copies trying to take the real Twice away from his family.

Remember kids: You can’t drop out of school if you never went in the first place.

I’m looking forward to Twice’s power-up more than Mr. Compress and Dabi. This is more than being pushed to his mental limits, this is about a person trying to protect his new family, willing to break his one taboo in order to do it. Woo boy! This is gonna be crazy, Y’all!

Great chapter. Twice is the heart of the League of Villains and we’re about to learn what happens when you get between him and his loved ones. Spoiler alert, expect a lot of dead clones. And, tap dancing. Lots of tap dancing.


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