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Captain Celebrity, America’s Future #1 Hero [My Hero Vigilantes 54]

And, up until now, I thought the guy was doomed. Silly me.

Geez, All Might, it’s called modesty. Look it up.

I won’t hold back any longer. I’m reviewing My Hero Vigilantes from now on! You’re welcome the five other people who read it. If you don’t, I suggest you catch up in my previous post. Caught up? Good, let’s get started.

What the hell, Detective Tsukauchi? How can you be hesitant calling All Might when literally thousands of lives hang in the balance? Sure, you have a personal stake in the situation, your sister’s in the falling Sky Egg Tower too, but damn dude. Yeah, Yagi’s your boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t call him to help out during a terrorist attack! And, yeah, I still think Yagi and Detective Tsukauchi are a legitimate couple.

Now, you’re just showing off, All Might. Only villains do that.

Well, All Might arrives and we see just how insanely powerful the guy was years ago. He rockets to Sky Egg Tower, destroys the beam, then flattens the ground below to safely catch and place down the tower top. Amazing!

Besides All Might’s ridiculous power, I want to note three big events that happened this chapter. One, Koichi got All Might’s autograph! Good for you, Koichi. Two, from reading Tsukauchi’s flashback, it seems that Makoto’s polygraph quirk isn’t an ability Tsukauchi has, meaning he either has a different quirk or is quirkless.

And, finally, three, Captain Celebrity is on the path to becoming America’s #1 hero. Think about it, it’s no secret the good Captain is powerful. In fact, he’s the only hero we’ve seen come close to All Might’s insane power. But, C.C. is not the number one hero in America. Why? Well, I think it comes down to the Captain’s personality and popularity.

I don’t like hentai.

When we first met Captain Celebrity, he was an arrogant jerk. He wasn’t acting like a true hero, he was an attention seeker, willing to wait for the media during a crisis just so his exploits are recorded. Talk about an asshole! But, look at him now. Thanks to Koichi and All Might, Captain Celebrity understands what it means to be a real hero. To do what’s right because it’s the right thing to do, not because you’ll get something out of it. He was willing to die for his friends and complete strangers this arc, a feat I never thought I’d see him perform. This is the beginning, my friends. The beginning of Captain Celebrity turning his life around (both personal and professional) and earning the love and admiration of the public. This, right here, is the story of how Captain Celebrity became America’s #1 hero.

So, does that mean we’ll see the good Captain at some point in the main series? I think so. Might be a cameo or name drop but I’m convinced Captian Celebrity will show up in the main series one day. Maybe even, during Toshinori’s funeral. Oh, I went there. Don’t be mad, it only a theory.

Great chapter. Yeah, Tsukauchi not immediately calling All Might was annoying but other than that I love this chapter. Reverse Flash doesn’t look like he’s given up. Next chapter should be fun too.

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