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So Nice He Cloned Himself Twice [My Hero Academia 229]

Humans are social primates. We all want to belong, be part of something greater. Sometimes that greater is good, other times it’s not. The point is no one likes feeling they’re alone in the world. So, what happens when a person with a cloning quirk feels totally alone? Easy, you clone yourself.

I told him to wear sunscreen just in case, but nooooo.

Jin Bubagawara AKA Twice. His quirk, Double. His family, dead. It’s understandable he cloned himself. The committing crimes part, not so much. But, it’s not only feeling alone that drove Twice over the edge, but it was also, well, himself. Can you imagine not trusting yourself? Not in the I’m a failure sort of way. We all feel that at one time or another, more or less. I’m talking if you cloned yourself and that clone, that copy of you, tried to kill you. That itself would drive anyone crazy, but compound that with the yearning for companionship and you get…Twice.

All of that explains the strongest aspects of Twice’s personality, his insanity and his desire for family. It also explains why we’ve never seen him really get hurt. He was always holding back, afraid he was a clone and if he took too much damage he’d dissolve. Yikes! Twice had a lot on his plate, but everything’s okay now, right?

Yeah, cosplaying is popular nowadays.

Wrong. Sure, Twice knows he’s definitely the original Bubargawara, but that doesn’t undo the pain of his past or who he is now. Twice still has issues with himself. Sure, he won’t be treating his copies like slaves anymore, but they’re still self-thinking constructs. Meaning they have to agree to do what Twice wants them to do. It’s simply right now the goals are clear: protect Toga and the original Twice. Of course, since Twice is fiercely loyal to the League of Villains, his copies are also. Meaning they should have no problem going along with Shigaraki’s future plans. I’m talking the endgame stuff. Infiltration, intelligence gathering, the whole shebang. Imagine Twice cloning himself enough times to make twenty of himself, and those copies clone members of law enforcement and government officials. That’s scary stuff. But, do non-Twice clones have free will? If yes, that’s a no-go, but if it’s a no, look out world!

Top 10 Worst Yoga Exercises

I loved this chapter. We got Twice’s full backstory (unless the villain that was involved in his parents’ death is AFO related) and he’s now free to use his power to its fullest ability. I’m looking forward to what Mr. Compress’s backstory. If it’s half a good as this it’ll be great.

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