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Spinner Saved Me 15% Off My Car Insurance [My Hero Academia 233]

Hm? Could it be…

Anyway, about the chapter, we learn Hanabata AKA Trumpet, indeed has a quirk that power’s up his allies through the sound of his voice. The louder it is, the more powerful they become. But, from what Trumpet implied in the chapter, this power-up takes a toll on those affected. Which explains why he didn’t bust out the megaphone mask in the beginning.

Spinner! He has an animal quirk called Gecko, which allows him to cling to walls. Oh, sweet, Horikoshi. You can’t fool me. If wall-crawling was all Spinner could do, it wouldn’t be called Gecko. Like, Froppy’s Frog quirk, I believe Spinner will unlock more lizard abilities in the future. All he has to do is train his quirk. Wouldn’t be surprised if he discovers a new ability in this very arc! Oh, yeah, it’s definitely coming.

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A Mesozoic Butt Whoppin’ [One Piece 946]

I haven’t seen an old lady beat a guy down this bad since Grandma Redgreek found out my uncle ate all her Pop-Tarts.

We now have irrefutable evidence of how the dinosaurs went extinct.

Here it is, Y’all. The fight of the century. Big Mom VS Quee— And, it’s over. That didn’t last long. But, good news to all you Queen fans out there. At least the guy wasn’t knocked out.

Kawamatsu’s cage is broken, so he may already be out if he freed himself from those chains. If not, Raizo and Crazy Eyes Caribou are on the job. Interesting how Wano den den mushi work, the drawback to having such small snails is the need for a boss snail to get messages out over a large area. Looks like Kaidou won’t be learning of Big Mom’s arrival for a bit longer.

Captain Kid and Killer aren’t dead. …Okay. Thanks for telling us, chapter.

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The Fastest Maniac Alive [My Hero Vigilantes 56]

And, here I thought No. 6 was your classic by-the-books villain. Turns out the well goes deeper than I thought. How deep? Let’s find out.

Either he’s an artificial human or the Kids Next Door manga got really dark.

Motivation. A big reveal we got from this chapter is No. 6 having separate goals from the Villian Factory. Well, it’s not official yet, but I don’t think The Doctor’s long term plans involve turning No. 6 into a hero. That’s what No. 6 wants. We knew for awhile he was obsessed with O’Clock, Knuckleduster’s old hero persona, but I had no idea he legitimately wants to follow in what he thinks are O’Clock’s footsteps. Sure, to him that means beating up criminals before they start trouble, but the fact he wants to be some kind of hero at all and he admired O’Clock before receiving his power is shocking to me. Quite a coincidence he got O’Clock’s stolen quirk, huh? Well, we’ll get to that later.

Succession. In the main My Hero Academia series, we’ve seen both All Might and All For One pass their hopes on to their disciples. Deku is tasked to become the next All Might/One For All user, and Shigaraki to be the next number one villain. They found their successors and the successors themselves are taking on that task, for themselves as well as their mentors.

And, then when have Knuckleduster and No. 6. A successor who, unlike my two examples, stole his power from this mentor instead of it being given or having their blessing. And, worse, he wants to kill said mentor to legitimize his actions! It gets even worse, Y’all. The mentor/successor premise is turned on its head a third time because Knuckleduster already picked a successor, Koichi! If he wasn’t before, our main character is without a doubt on No. 6’s kill list.  A confrontation between the two was a safe bet, but given the current situation, it has to happen. Koichi VS No. 6 is coming and no one can stop it.

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The Incredible Re-Destro [My Hero Academia 232]

Finally! We have some idea what Re-Destro’s quirk can do. And, boy, it’s a whopper of a power.

Whether its the Meta Liberation Army or Mario Kart, the League plays for keeps.

While we don’t get the name of Re-Destro’s quirk, let’s review what he did and make a hypothesis, shall we? In the chapter we saw Re-Destro move incredibly fast, take out a Twice clone with one finger, destroy a group of League clones with one hit from an enlarged arm, fight Clone Shigaraki with said mega arm, and survive a fall from a disintegrating tower. Phew! That’s a lot!

Now, what does everything Re-Destro’s done this chapter have in common? Answer: All his attacking limbs were covered by his birthmark. Re-Destro’s birthmark is the key to his powers, a given, yes. But, what does it exactly do? I’d say it manipulates his body on a molecular level. Anything Re-Destro wants his body to do he can do it as long as the birthmark is covering that body part. Strength? Yes. Enlargement? Yep. Speed? Sure. Elasticity? Uh-huh. Defense? Of course. Re-Destro can make his body do whatever he wants, making the Detnerat CEO an easy contender for top 10 quirks seen in the series so far. Top 5 even, depending on what his weakness is.

So, how is Shigaraki gonna beat that? Well, fortunately, the real Shiggy has an idea of what Detnerat can do, so that helps. Other than that, I got no clue. Now, would be a good time for Twice to whip up some more Shigaraki clones after he pulls Giran out the rubble, assuming there’s any Tower Twice Clones left.

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Spinner’s Zoan Fruit [My Hero Academia 231]

Hanabata VS Spinner. Wasn’t expecting that. Maybe next time, Mr. Compress.

What have you done?! Now, every Hawks cosplayer has to do that awful pose. It’s murder on your knees.

While I assume Mr. Compress marbles Toga and keeps watch over the injured OG Twice, it’s up to Spinner to take down Hanabata. Or, should I say Team Hanabata because it looks like his quirk boosts, energizes, or just plain hypes people up so they’re more powerful. How will Spinner deal with that? Well, using his quirk, of course.

Let’s talk about what Spinner’s quirk could be. I heard a theory somewhere online that Spinner has a transformation quirk, making him bigger and stronger and more lizard-like. I like that theory because it explains why Spinner never used it. Now, that we know Spinner was harassed in his hometown for being a mutant, it stands to reason he has issues concerning the way he looks. Sure, the League would accept him no matter what, but Spinner won’t accept himself. So, he doesn’t use his lizard quirk and instead fights with a sword.

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What the Heck is Oshiruko Anyway? [One Piece 945]

Hm? According to Mr. Wiki (and you can always trust that *couchcough*), Oshiruko is basically, azuki beans, sugar, and mochi. Sounds extremely unhealthy. I wanna try it!

945beat it queen01

Zoro is still having trouble against Kyoshiro. Geez, how tough is that guy? Thank goodness Kyoshiro is probably working against Orochi or Zoro might have to fight a really strong swordsman in Wano again. And, who wants that, right? Come on, Oda, give Zoro another sword battle.

Hawkins is proving to be the smartest member of the Animal Kingdom/Beast Pirates, hiding Bepo out of sight and doing his Big Bad Voodoo Daddy dolls curse thingy on Law’s crew. Bravo, Hawkins! He also told the Oniwabanshu about the Straw Hat crew, good job! Wait, wasn’t my theory that Hawkins was secretly working against Kaido? Well, guess what? I still think that, Y’all! In fact, I’ll go so far to say all three big villains fighting the Straw Hat Alliance in the Flower Capital are secretly working against Kaido. Yep, I’m talking Kyoshiro, Hawkins, and X Drake. I’m betting those three have their own alliance for whatever reasons. It’s a bit of a long shot for Drake, but there’s a reason why he and Hawkins are part of the Worst Generation. And, it’s not because they work for Kaido.

Manga My Hero Vigilantes

My Quirk is a Gun [My Hero Vigilantes 55]

Forget Nebraska Smash. Knuckleduster’s about to St. Louis Snipe Smash No. 6.

Let’s zoom in on the dead body. It’s okay kids, they deserved to die.

Welcome to the Sky Egg aftermath. Last chapter, All Might saved the day, so now it’s time to relax and see our main cast and heroes wind down and put a bow on this terrible event. After checking in with everyone, we see Reverse Flash or, should I say, No. 6, is indeed not giving up. He wants people blown to bits and he wants it now. You know you gotta be crazy when after watching a guy save a tower full of people, you still want to start trouble instead of, oh, I don’t know, getting the hell outta there!

Manga My Hero Academia

What’s Up with Mr. Compress? [My Hero Academia]

What? No cufflinks? What a slob!

Atsuhiro Sako AKA Mr. Compress, member of the League of Villains and snazzy dresser. He’s helpful. He’s powerful. But, why is he a villain? Well, it looks like we won’t learn Mr. Compress’ true motivations anytime soon in the manga, but why let that stop us? Let’s take what we know about our favorite marble master and come up with some theories on why exactly Mr. Compress is a villain.

First things first, it was never stated Mr. Compress admired the hero killer, Stain. So, we can assume he joined the League under different circumstances. Next, Mr. Compress is a showman. He loves showing off and seems to be at home performing for an audience. Another clue could be him wearing a mask. Sure, the police know his identity now, but either he was trying to keep it a secret in the beginning or the mask is part of his act. You know, I’d say it’s a little of both. The mask is part of his act and he also wanted to keep his true identity a secret. If true, that means Mr. Compress was a well-known figure, either on a national or local level.

We also know Mr. Compress is well versed in using his quirk. He knows its limits and when best to use it to catch people off-guard. And, while we don’t know his official age, Mr. Compress carries himself and talks to the younger Leaguers like he’s a seasoned professional. Based on that, I’d say he’s over 30 years old.

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Apple iClone X [My Hero Academia 230]

I love Twice. And, I love Twice. And, don’t forget Twice. I also love Twice. Oh, and Twice. Can’t forget Twice. Not to mention, my dude, Twice.

Alright. Which one of you forgot to turn off the A/C?

Yes! Thank you, Horikoshi for referencing the Yakuza bullets. I knew they’d be important, but who knew it would happen after the League of Villains recruits Gigantomachia and Doctor Ujiko? I sure didn’t. Whatever Shigaraki ultimately does with them will be game-changing.

Enough about that, let’s talk Twice. With his fear of cloning himself gone, it’s open season on the Meta Liberation Army. Twice alone should be enough to take the entire town out now. And, I’m only talking if all the clones are Twice copies. If the Twices cloned Dabi and Mr. Compress like they wanted I’d be an instant game over for Team Redestro.

Manga One Piece

Drowning In Friendship [One Piece 944]

What a revelation! Captain Kid’s crewmate, Killer, is Hitokiri Kamazo! That explains a lot. Actually, it only explains where Killer’s been all this time. But, hey, it’s a start.

Queen’s taking his Fortnite matches way too seriously.

So, what happened to the rest of Captain Kid’s crew? How did Killer become Orochi’s assassin? And, what’s with his constant laughing? Well, that last question is easy. Killer failed to kill Toko and lost a fight. Safe to say Orochi fed him bad smile fruit before sending him to the labor camp. Who knows if we’ll ever see Kid’s other crew again, they weren’t exactly prominent characters. As for why Killer became Orochi’s assassin, I’d say it was to keep Kid alive, or, at least that’s what Orochi told him. By the way, huge points for Kid for caring about his crew.